BARcelona Tapas (Devour Downtown)

2 Feb

Hubs and I met up with three friends for lunch at Barcelona Tapas to take advantage of the Devour Downtown menu on a Saturday.  We had wanted to fill our stomach’s with some great food before heading over to the Winterfest and thought tapas would be a good way to go.

For an appetizer, we started off with the only option of the Queso de Cabra Al Horno – goat cheese and marinara.  I love goat cheese, and this was an ice cream scoop sized portion.  Slightly charred under the broiler, the cheese had a hint of color and was warm and creamy.  This sat in a pool of warm marinara sauce.  The sauce was seasoned well, light in taste of tomatoes and slightly chunky in texture.  A heavy dose of red pepper flakes were sprinkled over the dish giving it the spice that I adore.  The garlic bread that was served with it was a great dipper – crisp and lightly toasted.  We had run out of bread before the marinara/cheese mixture, so I asked for just a few more to finish the dish.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the bread for another 15 minutes and by that time, had already moved on.  I would later find out that we were charged for a full order of garlic bread – $3.95 – on our final bill as well.  We had also ordered the Alcachofas Fritas – fried artichokes with Romesco sauce and Manchego cheese.  The artichokes were lightly fried with a thin breading.  I enjoyed the lightness and the contrast of the garlic rich Romesco sauce.  The salt of the Manchego matched the artichokes well, but I could only eat a few as the portion was quite larger than anticipated.

The following three courses you were given the option between two dishes.  Hubs and I opted for the Pincho de Maruno – pork brochette with curry mayonnaise (the other option was garlic shrimp).  The pork was tender and had defined grill marks which matched the smoky flavor of the meat.  The curry mayonnaise wasn’t as heavy in curry flavor as I would have liked, and it boasted only a rich, creamy mayonnaise taste.  There was also a sauce, that I assume was the marinade of the pork, as it matched the flavor of the meat.

Our next course was Trigueros con Romesco – grilled asparagus with Romesco sauce and Manchego cheese.  The asparagus, though crisp and well cooked, was extremely salty for my taste buds.  And the salt was only elevated with the salty Romesco and Manchego cheese that adorned the dish.  Even the slice of lemon couldn’t completely cut that seasoning, and I ended up only have a portion of my share.

The fourth course,  Paella Valencia, consisted of well cooked valencia rice with a touch of saffron.  The saffron was so mild in flavor, it could have used a bit more seasoning.  And when you throw mussels, shrimp and salmon into the mix, they’ll soak up all those flavors, so to me, I would have liked a bit more.   I’m a salmon lover, but this was too fishy and overdone.  The mussels were great, sweet and tender in taste.  The shrimp was slightly overdone, but still good.  The chicken seemed to be mostly thigh meat and had good flavor.  I was disappointed in the chorizo, and after a bite of it, pushed it to the side due to a sharp and unpleasant flavor.

From my previous dining experience, I knew I wanted the churros for dessert.  The lightly fried pastry dough was coated in a sweet cinnamon and sugar dusting.  There were two fillings, one caramel and the other strawberry.  I preferred the sweet caramel, especially dipping it into the warm chocolate sauce.  Both were delightful, and despite having a full stomach, we ate them up.

Overall, the food was decent.  I was disappointed to see that the menu was the same as it was last year, not to mention, something they feature every Tuesday.  But for anyone who hasn’t been there, know that you can get it every week.  In the future, I will know not to participate in Devour with Barcelonas as the deal is there all the time.  We both ate for $30, which is reasonable (don’t forget the additional cost of the garlic bread) for the food we were given. However, I was disappointed in the service.  For a Saturday afternoon, they weren’t busy but our service still took an incredibly long time.  We waited sometimes 15-20 minutes between courses, sometimes even that amount to order our next course as our server didn’t take our full order initially.

Though I love the churros, goat cheese and their sangria, I don’t see myself dining there again for a full meal.  Maybe after work for a light snack and drink, but I would need to be downtown during the work wee for that to happen.

I did see via twitter that many of the restaurants participating in Devour are extending their Devour menu until February 9 due to the winter storm Indy has been getting.  So make those reservations, there is still time for the weekend!

Barcelona Tapas * 201 North Delaware * Indy * 317.638.8272

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2 Responses to “BARcelona Tapas (Devour Downtown)”

  1. Lauren March 29, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    I haven’t been to Barcelona, but I believe the service is supposedly to be a little slower at a tapas restaurant. It’s part of the Spanish meaning behind the word ‘tapas,’ I think.

    • City Nom Noms March 30, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

      Thanks for reading Lauren! Tapas – from what I know – means ‘tastes’ or ‘small plates,’ not a direct reflection of the service. I agree that to me, tapa restaurants should be more casual and relaxed atmosphere (they were like this in Greece & Spain, and the other tapas restaurants I’ve dined at here in the States), but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case during my visit. I’ve eaten at Barcelona three times now and every time it is extremely slow and uncaring service – we were even ignored this past visit watching tables who arrived and ordered after us receive their food prior to our table. BUT, if you haven’t eaten Tapas yet, it is definitely worth a shot (it could really just be my luck of the draw!) since I do enjoy their goat cheese appetizer and desserts! Thanks again for reading – appreciate the comment!

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