Goose the Market

8 Feb

Craving a good sandwich, I met up with my sorority alumnae chapter for a casual dinner at Goose the Market. I had been wanting to try GtM for quite a long time – you know you have a gem when an establishment is featured in bon appetit.  Located on Delaware, this neighborhood marketplace boasts a small but powerful menu of sandwiches, some great cheese and meat selections for you to purchase.

After drooling over the meat and cheese assortment, we placed our order and headed downstairs to grab one of the two first come, first served family style tables in what is called the Enoteca.  A casual environment, it is setup like a wine and beer cellar.  Craft brews adorn one wall while wine takes on the other three, and there are more items for purchase in the back across from a small plates bar.  I ordered a Stone Levitation Ale and grabbed my seat on the wooden bench.   Minutes later, our sandwiches were brought to us by one of the friendly staff members and we dove in.

I ordered the famous Batali, which is named after the salumi maker, Armandino Batali (who also happens to be the father of Mario!)  First off, the bread was beyond amazing, fresh and tender bread with a crusty outer layer.  It was slathered in spicy pickled veggies, tomato perserves, and a thick and flavorful mayo.  Three meats adorned the sandwich: spicy coppa, capolcolla and soppressata.  The flavors were amazing, mixed with slices of provolone, pickled/marinated red onion and romaine.  The sandwich was spicy, but good spicy leaving you wanting another bite despite your lips tingling with heat.

I had no idea what to expect when I walked in, but I left knowing that I would return.  There are a few other sandwiches that I must try – I know they’ll be amazing because the Batali…oh my, fantastic.

Did I mention they have a beer and cheese month club?  I must order that soon…and congratulation on the 40 by 40 recognition – you deserve it!

Goose the Market * 2503 N. Delaware St * Indy * 317.924.4944

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One Response to “Goose the Market”

  1. wibia February 8, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Any time I am in the neighborhood, I stop. The store is perfect and it is my favorite sandwich shop in the city…by far actually. Their soups are really good too.

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