Bar at the Ambassador

23 Feb

After an attempt at dinner at a Broad Ripple establishment, a group of friends and I ended up leaving due to a wait time and made our way to the Bar at the Ambassador.  You may recall there was a lot of talk about BarYats, which after some ownership conversations, ended up as the Bar at the Ambassador.  I hadn’t been, and really didn’t even think about dining there, but the situation brought us to a late night dinner at the establishment.

Upon walking in, dark wood is the overall color palate of the bar/restaurant.  There is a very large bar taking up a good portion of the floor, but enough tables that we were able to find one for our group of 7 easily at 9:30p.m. on a Friday evening.  Though set up as swank, the environment was inviting yet dark at the same time.  We sat down, ordered a round of drinks and perused the menu.  The chef is from (or lived there for quite sometime) in Louisiana, so I wasn’t surprised to see 75% of the menu have cajun flair to it.

I began with a cup of the baked french onion soup. The crock bowl was covered with a thick layer of what tasted like a crispy broiled Gruyere cheese.  I love the crisp, salty cheese on french onion soup, so I was happy to see there was an ample amount of it.  Underneath was a piping hot, thick and sweet soup.  The onions had a deep, rich brown color to them and that sweet caramelized flavor that you can only get from letting them cook for a long time.  French bread soaked up the broth, and I was happy to share the bowl with hubby as he too is a french onion soup lover.  For our main dish, hubs ordered the jambalaya.  He is lover of the rich cajun spice dish, and he wasn’t disappointed with the Bar’s version.  A thick mix of rice, andouille sausage and chicken were flavored with the subtle hot spice of the cajun flavors.  It was thick, rich and he ate it all.  I’m not a huge lover of cajun, but even I thought this bowl of jambalaya was fantastic.  I had ordered the soft shell crab po’boy.  Two fried, soft shell crabs adorned a large piece of toasted french bread.  The crabs were crunchy, fried in a corn mix batter that was a little too salty for my taste.  Lettuce, tomato and pickles added even more to the sandwich, making it quite large to fit into ones mouth even with a lot of smashing down.  The fries were thin and crispy, decent.  Overall, the sandwich was good, but I think I could find another po’boy in the city.

I don’t know if I would dine here again for dinner, but maybe for a lunch if I was in the area.  The food was decent and moderatly priced, but the establishment seemed more like a late night grab a drink bar place to me versus somewhere to grab food.  The waitress did warn us that the vegetable stack wasn’t good though, so you may want to stay away from that.

Bar at the Ambassador * 43 E. 9th Street * Indy, 46024 * 317.602.2279

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3 Responses to “Bar at the Ambassador”

  1. k t at 1:24 pm #

    The Bar At The Ambassador is a great new place downtown with a terrific bar and an interesting menu. The bartenders are all fun and I’ve been there on weekends when there is live music and the place was packed.

    • City Nom Noms at 1:04 pm #

      I haven’t been there for live music – looks like I have to check it out!


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