Bub’s Cafe

12 Mar

Living near the Carmel Arts District, I have access to few great restaurants off the Monon Trail.  Bub’s Cafe is one of them.  Serving breakfast and lunch, this is a perfect location to dine for Sunday brunch if you don’t mind waiting for a table (especially when the weather is gorgeous).  My parents were visiting my husband and I last weekend and of course, dad requested Bub’s for breakfast.  He had dined there a few times and it is now a staple of their visits.  He loves the concept of taking a home and turning it into a restaurant that can produce really great food.  And that is exactly what Bub’s Cafe is.

After ordering a round of the strong coffee that I adore, the four of us reviewed the menu as well as the several specials they were featuring for the day.  My father decided to order an omelet stuffed with cheddar cheese, sausage (he choose the pork, but elk is an option!), onions and mushrooms.  If you want toast or any other side, note that you do need to order that separately as it doesn’t come with the dish.  My mother ordered the corned beef and hash with eggs over easy.  The eggs were fried to order and the corned beef and hash was crisp (I was able to steal one bite of it – thanks mom!)

Hubby and I both ordered from the Sunday specials that were being offered.  I didn’t get to taste hubby’s dish – the Cafe Royale Breakfast.  Essentially, it was Eggs Benedict with a twist: English muffins halves adorned with sliced tomatoes and eggs over easy, smothered in a cheddar ale sauce and garnished with broccoli, bacon and green onions.  Hubs ate it all, including his veggies, so it must have been good.  Normally, I would have stolen a bite, but he was across the table and I probably would have dribbled more on the table rather than have gotten it in my mouth.

I ordered the cinnamon raisin creme brulé French toast.   It was as good as it sounds.  A thick layer of cinnamon raisin bread was between two custard-like layers.  The ‘custard’ layers were perfectly seasoned eggs that soaked into the bread and created a layer of creamy delight around the soft but dense cinnamon raisin layer.  The cinnamon popped perfectly in the dish, and was accompanied with an apple caramel sauce that covered the huge portion that I was given.  The apples were sauteed and caramelize to create this caramel sauce, which surprisingly wasn’t overly sweet or heavy.  And to top it off – whipped cream.  Though “dessert like” for a breakfast, I don’t do overly sweet food and was happy to see that it wasn’t.  I couldn’t stop eating it, which leads me to the doughnut holes.

One of the things I love the most are Bub’s doughnut holes.  I wouldn’t even really call them “holes” because they are too big for that.  Freshly fried when ordered, these are like your traditional cake doughnuts in the center with a crisp exterior.  You can order three or six ‘holes’ and they are offered as cinnamon sugar, chocolate, powdered sugar or glazed.  My mother ordered some powdered sugar (which her and my father packed up in the car to munch on during the drive to Wisconsin) and I ordered one cinnamon sugar, two chocolate.  I was so excited for my French toast that I forgot to show you how delicious they looked.  But good thing my portion of French toast was insanely large because I took home my ‘holes’ for an afternoon snack.  Honestly, when you eat them at the restaurant, they are warm and delicious.  They are heavily fried so if you are looking for a ‘light’ doughnut, you are definitely looking in the wrong place.  They even have specials during the seasons: in the fall, look for the pumpkin doughnuts.  After you take them home and eat later as an afternoon snack, they seem just heavy at that point.  Still good, but heavy.

I know there are many great breakfast spots in Indy and suburbs, but I really do love Bub’s.  The service is friendly and quick and as a patron, I never feel rushed.  Though it may lean towards the higher end of pricing (we all ate for around $50 without tip), the quality of food is always there.  I haven’t had a bad meal and always leave full, with leftover doughnuts in hand.

Bub’s Cafe * 220 2nd Avenue SW * Carmel, 46032 * 317.844.BUBB

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