Queso Blanco

18 Mar

I had been traveling for work over the weekend, so I took a mid-week day off.  Any day off of work means lunch with hubby, and this week we ended up at Queso Blanco, located in downtown Westfield.  The service is always quick, which is perfect for lunch when someone needs to get back to work quickly.

Surprisingly, the restaurant had more patrons than I expected at 1:45 on a Wednesday afternoon.  Despite this, we were still seated and served quickly during our time there.  We have dined here in the past and always experience quick and friendly service which is why we selected it that day.  They have a variety of lunch specials available, ranging from $6-12, or you can order off their regular menu.  While we looked over the menu, we ordered (you guessed it) queso blanco in addition to the complimentary chips and salsa.  That was quickly delivered (honestly, maybe 2 minutes?) and we placed our order and dug in.

The queso blanco was a bit runny, but was your basic white cheese dipping sauce.  I don’t know what it is, but I love the basic dip.  There is little flavor, but it always hits the spot.  The chips were crisp and light, not greasy at all.  Though thin, they were thick enough that their was minimal breakage during dipping.  We did receive a generous portion (sorry for lack of photo & the upcoming phone photos) and finished it by the time our food arrived.

Hubs ordered the chicken taquitos which was a good choice.  Crisp shells wrapped the tender and well seasoned shredded chicken.  There wasn’t any cheese in the crisp corn tortilla wrapping, but it wasn’t really needed with the sour cream and guacamole that were offered for dipping.  The guac was standard – I would have liked a bit more cilantro punch to it.  Refried beans covered in white cheese sauce and rice accompanied the two taquitos, and once again, were basic in flavor.  They were good, just what I would have expected with a taquito.

I was happy to hear the tamales were available (menu states that they aren’t always), so I ordered a “number 7.”  Like many Mexican restaurants, their lunch specials are numbered and offer a variety of combos to taste.  This combo was a tamale, burrito and enchilada.  I made the mistake of not requesting chicken, so I ended up with a beef enchilada, a beef burrito and a pork tamale.  Now, the pork tamale was pretty good.  Small in size (but that’s good – I had two other things to eat after all), the shredded pork was was subtly spiced.  Simple and good.  The masa (corn dough) was thick and had good flavor to it as well: no corn husk to get rid of, they do it for you.  The burrito and enchilada were okay.  This is probably because I’m not a big beef eater when it comes to Mexican food – I feel like I never really get great flavor out of the ground beef.  This time around, it was the standard sauteed beef without much seasoning, just what I expected when I cut into it.  Plus,  I couldn’t really decipher any difference between the two besides the obvious size and shell difference.  They tasted the same and were both covered with a mild, red enchilada sauce.   A spoonful of white sauce over the dish, but all the flavors were the same.  I wouldn’t order this combo again because of that, but there are many other options to choose from.

We’ve been here a few times and will return.  The service is friendly and quick, and the food is what you would expect of a Mexican restaurant.  But next time, I’ll order something different and stay away from the beef.

Queso Blanco * 102 South Union Street * Westfield, 46074 * 317.867.5200

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