Pizzology (return)

22 Mar

Wanting a casual dinner that still served great food this past weekend, hubs and I knew we would get both of those at Pizzology while still have something new on the plate.  Last time we dined here, we both left with a full stomach of tasty nom noms.  We did have a few mediocre thoughts: hubs not loving the prosciutto and me thinking the fritters were too greasy.  But we both knew they had amazing breadsticks, great pizza and a tasty salad so we couldn’t wait to try it again.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t a wait for the two of us at 6:45 on a Saturday night.  Why?  They have this patio (that we didn’t see last time we were there) that was open.  Though there was a chill in the air, the patio was enclosed and “part” of the restaurant so we were never cold.  We happily took our seats, ordered some local craft brews (which turned into a few including Upland’s Wheat, Brugge’s Triple de Ripple, Sun King’s Cream Ale and People’s IPA) and began our search through the menu.

I knew when we sat down that I wanted a salad and appetizer to nosh on with our pizza.  I decided on the chop salad and potentially the artisan and salumi starter, pending on what the daily offerings were.  However, when our server told us the specials, she had me at goat cheese gnocchi.  I had to have her repeat it because I was so excited for the gnocchi.  I had literally just checked twitter and discovered someone recommended the gnocchi, but the fact that it was made with goat cheese sealed the deal for this Wisconsin native.  We ordered the gnocchi, breadsticks and a small chop salad.

The goat cheese gnocchi were lightly sauteed, giving the soft potato and cheese pasta a crisp edge.  They were perfect in salt and creamy to the bite because of the goat cheese pasta.  Giving the dish an earthy and rustic taste, sauteed leeks and wild mushrooms adorned the dish. In addition was a garlicky Thai basil pesto – perfect with the creamy gnocchi.  This unanticipated dish of the evening became my favorite.  Now that I’ve had it, I need more of it.  Twitter doesn’t lie.

The chop salad was a healthy dose of romaine lettuce, but not many toppings that I look for with a chopped salad.  Bits of Gorgonzola had a bite from the blue vein and the baby tomatoes popped in your mouth.  Smokey prosciutto and green olives gave the dish a salty edge to smooth out the citrus vinaigrette.  It was a good sized and light salad to begin the meal (hubs and I did split a small, since we had two other appetizers and a pizza coming).

I had previously commented about the breadsticks being absolutely fantastic, which is why I ordered them again.  Once again – these aren’t on the menu, but know that they have them.  They are served with not one, but two sauces that work well together.  Get a little bit of both with each bite.  I guarantee it is delish when the light alfredo (yes, I said light alfredo) mixes with the fresh San Marzano tomato sauce.  The dough they use is tasty, baked to perfection.  These are a must order.

For our pizza, hubs wanted to stay simple.  As I had picked out all the appetizers (yup, all three), hubs decided to order the margherita.  The simplistic tomato sauce is very fresh and light on the perfectly baked dough.  I believe the dough is the same of the breadsticks, consistently baked to an outer crisp edge and a ‘bready’ bite.  The sauce was light, not overpowering, and showcased the fresh mozzarella and basil that adorned the pizza.  We had also added a topping of the fennel sausage, which was a great choice.  Sweet and bitter at the same time, fennel is a perfect seasoning for a spiced sausage, leaving you picking up each morsel that falls from the slice as you dive into the pizza.

All I can say is that when we were done, every single plate was clean.  Looking forward to dining there again – more breadsticks and gnocchi required.

Pizzology Pizzeria & Pub * 13190 Hazel Dell Pkwy * Carmel, IN * 317.844.2550

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5 Responses to “Pizzology (return)”

  1. wibia at 12:19 pm #

    I have been 4-5 times and never had a bad meal. My favorite is the Parpadelle. I usually get a side order of that and a pizza and that equals a happy family.

  2. tom h at 3:48 pm #

    You can call me smitten. I could seriously go on an on… all of the newly added menu items I’ve tried are worthy of recommendation (the Carni pizza especially – but also the lasagna bolognese). The lasagna was wonderful, but besides the fresh mozz, I think I can do just as well at home. What can I say, I think I’ve got a good lasagna recipe.

    The dressing of the Chop salad, like many things I’ve eaten here, inspires me to step up my game at home and try to duplicate their recipe. The gnocchi specials are super creative and constantly have me wanting to visit. -Smitten


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    […] March Madness.  But I knew this wasn’t the case as hubs and I peeked in when we dined at Pizzology last week.  However, my friends had no idea to how casual it really was until they walked in the […]

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