Blu Moon Cafe

5 May

Looking for a casual lunch, hubs and I made our way over to the new-ish Blu Moon Cafe in the Carmel Arts District.  Though not on Main Street, this cafe is in the design building on Rangeline, close enough for any art goer to visit while also providing a new lunch spot for the locals.

Simple, yet artistic in design, the restaurant has ample amount of open seating.  The menu boasted sandwiches, wraps, paninis, soups and salads.  The case had some pretty tempting looking salads, ranging from chicken curry to pad Thai.  And there were some baked goods that I had my eye on as well.  Instead, we both played it ‘good’ and ordered two sandwiches.

Mine was a prosciutto and brie panini.  When I took a bite, I was pleasantly pleased to find not only was spinach in the mix, but there were also granny smith apples.  And not just apple slices, but slightly dehydrated cinnamon and sugar spiced apples.  The flavors worked perfectly with the abundant creamy brie.  There was plenty of cheese, something that you don’t always get with panini sandwiches at restaurants, so I loved that every bite was creamy and bursting with flavors.  Unfortunately, the prosciutto didn’t stand up to the apple and brie flavors.  It was thinly sliced and crisp, and I found if I nibbled it separately before taking a bit, it brought a new depth to the bite with the slightly salty meat.  Great sandwich on 9-grain toasted bread, I really enjoyed it.

Hubs ordered a grinder panini – stuffed with a variety of sliced meats and melted cheese, red onion, tomato and some sort of sauce that he was informed would be spicy. Unfortunately, the sandwich wasn’t spicy, but still had good flavor from the meats and cheese.  Hubs is a lover of grinders and though he enjoyed it, he didn’t rave.  I had a small nibble, but not enough to really give it an overall opinion.  I think next time he’ll opt for something else.

I really enjoyed the overall feel of the restaurant.  It had a rustic but contemporary feel all at the same time – an artistic touch.  And you could tell the individual who put together the menu has a gourmet flair, but wanted to make community friendly food in a casual setting for lunch and breakfast.  There was a variety of sandwiches to choose from, and I know next time I’ll get my hands on one of the many items in the glass case.  A good addition to the Carmel Arts & Design District – just wish it was on the Main Street.

Blu Moon Cafe * 200 S.Rangeline Rd. * Carmel, 46032 * 317.844.8310

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