Wouters’ Front (Green Bay)

10 May

While visiting Green Bay this past weekend (for those who do not know,  I am from Wisconsin) for a wedding, I of course ate out often.  Eating out in Wisconsin usually means a lot of fried food and cheese.  Of course, this doesn’t always need to be the case, but it is usually what I crave when I head back to the big state of Wisco.  So this will be the first of a few Wisconsin posts (May is full of vacation – get ready for it.)

The fried eating immediately started when I joined my family for the traditional Wisconsin fish fry the day I flew in.  You can find a fish fry on Wednesday or Friday, and this happened to be a Wednesday.  We made our way out to suburb of Green Bay, Suamico, which can be awfully woodsy in some parts.  Wouters’ Front is a bar/restaurant that matches that feeling – rustic decor with pine trees carved into aluminum bar stool backs.  Friendly bartenders who treat you like friends are ready to serve you some Leine’s, Spotted Cow (on draft of course) or any other Miller product.  Got to love it.

For dinner, I ordered the seafood sampler of fried concoctions.  This was to include walleye, perch, scallops and shrimp.  I knew I wanted perch, but I wanted to try as much as I could. The bartender/server informed me that the walleye never was delivered, so I opted for a double order of the perch to accompany my shellfish.  There were also a few options for sides, but I chose the classic french fries and coleslaw.   I sipped my Spotted Cow and enjoyed the company while we waited for our food, which arrived within a normal time.

Unfortunately, the scallops were awfully tough.  I couldn’t cut through them with a fork and they had a basic fried flavor.  The shrimp was a bit better, but the crispy fried crust took away most of the flavor and seemed like your basic frozen shrimp.  But the perch was good – this was definitely a different batter used than the frozen counterparts (which is pretty obvious by the photo).  It did need a bit of salt (surprisingly for fried food) but the creamy tarter sauce (though I don’t know if it was homemade) gave a nice dill bite to the crunchy fish.  It was lake perch, which is always a good taste to me.  By the time I got to the fries, I was full and they were cold and unappetizing.  Normally, I wouldn’t have eaten the main entree without my side, but for some reason, I don’t think I missed too much.

My parents ordered perch while my brother ordered scallops & shrimp combo – so we all got to try a little bit of everything together.  My father informed me that Wouters’ Front is an old establishment, one that has been there for ages and has many returning guests.  I could see the perch (and maybe the walleye if I had gotten to try), but I wouldn’t return for the shrimp or scallops.

Wouters’ Front * 3171 School Ln. * Suamico, WI * 920.434.1049


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