Thr3e Wise Men (return)

26 May

Our last visit to the Thr3e Wise Men wasn’t the best first experience.  Scotty and his staff, being stellar at customer service, invited me back by providing comp tickets for our meal.  It was about time we make our way back to the brewery, and since the coupons could only be used during the week, we ventured out on Tuesday for dinner.  Full disclosure – though a portion of our meal and drinks were complimentary from the Thr3e Wise Men, my opinions are honest and all my own.  

I knew the establishment wouldn’t be as busy like our first visit because it was during the week.  We walked into an empty restaurant inside, but the patio was full of patrons.  Luckily we were able to grab the last outdoor table to soak in the setting sun and were quickly sat.  Our server, Katie, quickly greeted us with a bucket of popcorn and water.  We ordered a few beers (the Blonde and hubs the blackberry wheat) and perused the menu.  The server who delivered our beer struck up a convo (hubs was wearing a Wisconsin shirt) as she too was from Wisconsin.  In a matter of 5 minutes, we were seated, had a beer in hand, and already encountered 3 friendly staff members.  Things were looking good.

We began with appetizers; hubs ordered stuffed breadsticks while I ordered the chopped salad for the two of us.  Knowing the stuffed breadsticks wouldn’t contain cheese, I found that I was more pleased with them this time around.  The dough was once again slightly crunchy on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside with the pepperoni.  I would have liked a bit more pepperoni, it seemed slightly lacking.  Hubs ordered nacho cheese as the sauce, and once again, it seemed like your basic ballpark nacho cheese sauce.  But still great breadsticks.

I was more about the salad – it included many ingredients I adore and I was ready to dig in.  Our server tossed together the ingredients table side – a nice surprise for a casual brewery atmosphere – and served the family style salad in individual bowls.  The salad was light and flavorful, mostly a mix of spinach and iceberg, dressed with an oil and vinegar based house dressing.  Simple in flavors, the dressing was perfect and didn’t overwhelm the ingredients.  Chopped applewood bacon (local from Lone Pine Farms) gave a nice salty crunch while my favorite, goat cheese, added a creamy touch.  There was also mozzarella, mushrooms, pepperoni and red onions.  The red onions were a nice addition, giving a sharpness that cut the rich pepperoni and cheese.

While we were finishing up on our appetizers, the pizzas quickly arrived.  We each ordered a small for ourselves; the menu indicated a small could feed 1-2 people.  However, I could easily see three people eating this pizza pending on how hungry you are.  After eating the salad and a few breadsticks, we didn’t eat much and had a lot of pizza leftover for lunch (or maybe two).  Hubs had ordered spicy Italian sausage and mushrooms for his (pictured below on the right) while I indulged a bit more with spicy Italian sausage, basil, mushrooms and yes, more goat cheese (pictured on the left).  At a pricey $5 add on, I have to say I was happy to have received a lot of goat cheese.  So much goat cheese though that it slightly overpowered everything else.  I couldn’t really taste the mushrooms, their delicate flavor was just lost.  And even basil, such a fresh ingredient, I only got tid bits here and there.  The sausage was good and I enjoyed how crumbled it was, covering the whole pizza, but I would have liked a bit more spice to it.  There was a thin coating of chunky tomato sauce, but once again, it was only a hint of taste.  The crust was very thin, crispy on the edges but soft and flimsy at the center.  The ingredients weighed down the crust, making it a necessity to fold and hold to eat.  The pizza was good despite not being what I anticipated (not sure what I was expecting, but I was still surprised.)  I had a bite of hubs pizza, I just had to know how it tasted without the goat cheese, and overall, it was a light tasting pizza.  From the crust to the ingredients, I wanted more from his in taste.  Fortunately, I found it in mine and enjoyed the goat cheese love.

As we were wrapping up, we ordered a round of the Hubbard & Craven’s Porter to round out our meal.  Always a smooth brew, I just love how it isn’t heavy and rich in that coffee flavor.  As we sipped, we had the growler we brought filled with the Blonde for $6, a discount they offer on Tuesdays.  I have to talk about how great the service was through the duration of our visit as the growler is the perfect example.  When we first sat down, our server offered to put our growler in the fridge because we were sitting outside in the sun to ensure it was cool for the pending brew.  Then, after we decided on a beer, Katie kept in the fridge until we were ready to go.  And thanks to Chris as well, the manager on duty who wanted to ensure our meal and experience was better this time around.  The food and drinks were good and the service was excellent – looking forward to next time.

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company * 1021 Broad Ripple Ave * Indy, 46220 * 317.255.5151

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7 Responses to “Thr3e Wise Men (return)”

  1. Scotty Wise May 27, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    Thank you for the follow up and for your comments. We have shared and discussed with our team for a little praise and a little constructive improvements where necessary. Thanks again. Have a great Memorial Day Wknd. -Scotty

    • City Nom Noms May 30, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

      Thanks Scotty for reading – your amazing customer service is appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ryan May 28, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    The wife and I went to Thr3e Wise Men last weekend. We went Saturday night and got there around six. The place was packed. Their atmosphere is an A+. We decided to sit at the bar since they had available setting right there. I later noticed that some tables seemed very long, and that maybe strangers are sat next to strangers. Not sure if this is true or not, but I’m not a fan of this sort of setting. I like to have my space and privacy. Weber Grill also has this sort of setting for their first come, first serve bar stool seating.

    Anyways, everyone was nice. The initial hostess was nice, and after sitting at the bar, we were quickly greeted and given menus. We are simple eaters: Waters, bread sticks, and cheese pizza. I really liked the large Ball style canning jars that are used for drinks. The bread sticks were great, we ate them quickly. Unfortunately, we didn’t care too much for the pizza. To me, thin pizza should be crispy throughout. Our pizza was crispy around the outer 1/3rd or so, but not crispy in the center. Secondly, there was an overwhelming taste that stuck out over anything else. It was more of a buttery taste, and neither of us cared for it. The recipe used for the pizza is just not something I cared for. It’s possible that the pizza was cooked with too much of their buttery garlic mix, I’m not sure.

    Overall, if your taste buds can handle a wide variety, definitely check this place out. As we were leaving, I saw two of their sandwiches going out to tables. They looked like subs to me. They also looked really good. The grilled Chicken Parm on the menu sounds good, so I may have to return sometime to try one of their sandwiches. Oh, and we didn’t get any popcorn either. I was going to ask for some, but decided to take a past. Will have to ask to try it next time as well.

    • City Nom Noms May 30, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

      Thanks for reading Ryan. Yes, the tables are banquet style where you can sit with people you do not know. This was the main complaint I had with my first visit as the hostess wasn’t seatingour large party, but a lot of little parties instead. Overall, the seating doesn’t bother me, but I can understand others won’t like it. But there are smaller tables and the bar as an option – glad to hear you had a spot to sit at the bar (and quickly!)

      I agree that the staff has been fantastic – that is one big reason why we will return. As for the pizza, I too like a crispier crust and was surprised with how thin it was. I was thinking it may have only been a one time deal; though with your experience, it makes me reconsider. I know their IPA is used in the crust as well, though they were out of the IPA when we were there, so I’m not sure how far ahead the crust is made or if they have a supply solely for the kitchen. Next time, I may try the sandwiches as well, they did look great! If you have them in the near future, let me know! Thanks again for reading!


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