Brunchies (return)

9 Jun

Normally, I wouldn’t do a follow up so close on a restaurant.  However,  my brother visiting from Wisconsin over Memorial weekend and we were looking for a close breakfast location.  The first place we tried wasn’t open due to the holiday, so we opted to return to Brunchies despite being there last month due to the proximity.  I thought I’d review since I was looking at something different this time around – lunch.

As it was a holiday and many restaurants were closed, Brunchies was almost as busy as a Sunday.  We only waited about 5-10 minutes before being sat.  I mentioned the addition to the restaurant and open kitchen last time, but never had the opportunity to sit on the new part (the other two times I’ve dined there, it was on the kitchen side).  I don’t know why I never noticed this before, but it was extremely loud in there.  Many families and small children were dining, but the open space just makes for the noise to be a bit louder.  It wasn’t horrible, but just something I noticed.

I crossed my fingers and hoped they would let me order from the lunch menu a bit early.  It was only 10:20 and they don’t serve lunch until 10:30 (they do serve breakfast all day).  Our server returned and said the kitchen would cook lunch depending on what I ordered.  I guess the breaded tenderloin I ordered passed the test because of the easy frying need.  Since they were already cooking up country fried steaks, I believe it was an easy add in despite not fully being transitioned to accept lunch hours.  If it was a salad or something, I think they may have declined me due to prep time on the line.

We did have to wait quite a while for our food (is this because I ordered lunch?  Did they maybe hold our order?), so by the time it arrived, we were ready to dive in.  Hubs ordered eggs benedict – this was probably the most unattractive benedict I’ve seen.  It was even topped with slices of black olives – something I had never seen before and wouldn’t have thought as a garnish for the egg dish.  I didn’t try it, but he shrugged and said it was ‘okay.’  My brother ordered a skillet consisting of a pile of hash browns covered with bacon, peppers, onions and three scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese.  I didn’t try his either, but he said it was really good (this was also served with a side of toast.)

For lunch, I opted to try their breaded tenderloin.  I’m a fan of tenderloins (of course, not like All Tenderloins, All the Time) and am intrigued with how different they can be from place to place.  The menu stated it was hand-made, so I was looking (or maybe hoping) to not receive a frozen then fried sandwich.  Luckily, I don’t think this was the case.  The breading was very light – so light that it cracked off easily and didn’t stay on the sandwich.  I slightly moved the sandwich and the breading flaked off.  The tenderloin was tender though and extremely thin.  I was a little disappointed to only have the tenderloin and bun – nothing was served with it except one pickle slice.  It had good flavor overall, but I just wanted more to the sandwich (I did ask for mayo – just didn’t use much of it.)  It was also served with potato chips which I also think are made in house, though they did seem a bit stale (maybe leftover from yesterday) and I wasn’t impressed.

As for the service, our server was standard.  Not very attentive, but there wasn’t a time when we needed something outside of the frame of her asking a few times.  I was appreciative of her checking on the breakfast vs. lunch, but still wonder if that is why it took so long for us to receive our food.

Brunchies * 13732 N. Meridian Street * Carmel, IN * 317.846.8820

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