La Mie Emilie

17 Jun

I’m a Groupon and Living Social junkie.  Whenever I see a restaurant up for purchase, the internal debate begins….”will it be worth it?” and the typical rebuttal of  “It’s okay if it isn’t worth it, you paid half price and at least you tried something new!”  My rationalization usually wins out and I click ‘purchase’ like it’s my job.

I’ve been sitting on this Living Social ($20 for $10 worth of food) deal for La Mie Emilie’s for quite sometime.   Buying this one was a no brainer.  Not because I’ve dined there before, but because I have walked by it numerous times.  On Main Street in the Arts District, it is only half a mile from my house.  I have no excuse for not trying it since it is a mere few minutes to bike there.  So, hubs and I grabbed our bikes with the deal in hand, hopped on the Monon and made our way to the French cafe for a mid-week dinner.

The weather was perfect, sunny but not overly hot as we were in the final stretch of the day.  Many of the restaurants on the street were bustling outside…all but La Mie Emilie.  So, we took it upon ourselves to be the first (and we ended up the only) to sit outside for dinner.  Just a note, there were people inside, quite a few.  They also had some sort of art project going on for a group (I don’t have more info on this – sorry to those who are curious.)  We each ordered a drink (hubs a Stella and myself a glass of Freynelle Blanc) and looked over the menu.  I thought they may have a dinner menu available, but instead, they featured 3 dinner entrees and their daily menu of brunch items, salads, sandwiches and crepes.  I wasn’t anticipating this, so I quickly changed my frame of mind and shifted to to the lighter fare.

Hubs decided on the Croque Madame.  The croque is a classic French sandwich, crusty bread sandwiches with savory meats and finished with broiled cheese on top.  Hubs consisted of ham, gruyere and a fried egg.  I had one bite and it was just what I expected.  A crisp layer of gruyere, lending the perfect cheesy flavor to the ham and cheese sandwich that it is essentially was.  The egg was a little overdone for my taste, but hubs wasn’t complaining about the fried egg on top of his sandwich.  My preference is to really make it a fork and knife sandwich with the runny egg yolk being sopped up by the crusty bread.  But alas, it wasn’t my sandwich and he was the one was eating it – so it worked for him.  He ordered chips with it and they were your standard bagged chips – nothing special.

I ordered the croissant a Jambon & Brie, aka ham and brie croissant.  The croissant itself was buttery, flaky and delish.  There was a healthy portion of ham that was subtly sweet and a standard portion of melted brie.  My first bite screamed mustard – dijon mustard.  It was a little more than I would have liked on the sandwich, but it was a good compliment to the sandwich ingredients.  I was expecting a bit more onion flavor (the mustard was a dijon onion mustard) but didn’t get any of that.  Mostly, I tasted the buttery croissant.  I have to admit, I would have liked this sandwich much more it had a crunch to it.  Not the lettuce crunch that was on the plate, but green apples would have been perfect and really would have made me like the sandwich a bit more.  My side was the cucumber salad – French style.   Sliced cucumbers with onions were mixed with a yogurt and sour cream sauce.  It was lighter than I anticipated, refreshing as the sun was beating on my fave.We ended the night with some desserts (note: if you are a Foursquare user, check-in and show them for 50% off a slice of pie.)  The menu says the pies are from The Pie Safe – I haven’t ever heard of it so I’m not sure if it is a former restaurant, former or current bakery, etc.  If anyone has any insight, I’d love to hear.  Hubs ordered the chocolate coconut pie a la mode while I opted for the Tarte Tatin slice after some encouragement from the server.  Hubs wasn’t overly impressed despite his love for German chocolate bakery.  I took a quick nibble and the coconut was really fresh tasting and it was rich with chocolate flavor.  But, it was a little dry, both the crust and pie filling.  Mine was a little too sweet, which I should have anticipated.  The apples were caramelized on top due to the baking process of butter and sugar seeping through the apples.  The apples had a bite to them, how dried apples are, but much more tender with the pull of caramel on your teeth.  I would have replaced the dollop of whip cream with ice cream if I thought more about it.  And the crust wasn’t much – it crumbled too easily and I was expecting more consistency to it to really be a base for the apples – the apples ended up being a base for the crust.

Overall, with drinks, sandwiches and slices of dessert, hubs and I spent about $40 (prior to our discount).  I don’t think I would dine here for dinner again – maybe a light lunch, but probably more for a quick slice of pie and coffee drink after perusing the art galleries of the district.  They do have many coffee drinks available for purchase and their pie menu is quite extensive.

La Mie Emilie * 15 W.Main Street * Carmel, IN * 317.816.1200

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  1. tom h June 20, 2011 at 2:19 pm #

    The Pie Safe was a business located in Zionsville – they were consistently on the Indianapolis Monthly ‘Best of’ lists and have been closed for a good while while. I understand it was run by Emilie’s Mom.
    I love their pies, but never manage to stray from butterscotch or the french silk / chocolate mousse when I find myself there. I recommend both! The turkey croissant with bacon and bacon fat mayo is my sandwich of choice… I wish the turkey was a bit better than the average deli slice, but the croissant and baconishness put it over the top for me.

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