Walt Disney World Dining, Part II

5 Jul

In WDW, there are many places to dine other than the parks as I originally reported.  Here are just a few more…


Big River Grille & Brewing Works – This is the second time I’ve eaten there and I’m still not really impressed.  I began with a cup of beer cheese soup.  It needed a little something, but was still decent in brew flavor and cheddar sharpness. 

Hubs and I decided to share a few appetizers, but we made a mistake of not varying it up since there aren’t a lot of options.  Chips & cheese and then an order of chicken nachos.  The chips and cheese were okay; a cheese dip without much flavor.  I’m also not a fan of their chips – they are the whole grain type that aren’t really whole grain.  I don’t mind them so much for the dip, but I really would prefer the basic chip for my nachos.

They used the same dip on the nachos, but also layered it with jalapenos, tomatoes, sour cream and chicken.  As mentioned, I wasn’t a huge fan of the corn chips, but I wasn’t a huge fan of  the chicken that adorned it either.  I prefer chopped grilled chicken, but this was chicken that was probably used in burritos and other Mexican dishes at the restaurant.  A one stop shop kind of chicken if you will.  It had been soaking in a mild salsa type mixture which just made the nachos more messy than normal.  For a brewery though, it is a good place to grab a drink.


Boardwalk Bakery – a great place to grab breakfast or a sweet treat.  I had a chocolate chip muffin that was tender and delicious for breakfast one morning; I couldn’t resist the shape.  

They have everything that one could possibly want in a baked good for breakfast.  Not to mention, an afternoon snack as well.  They have these cupcakes that look beautiful – unfortunately, I didn’t make it back to try them but have added to the ‘must do’ list.

Resort Dining

The Wave (The Contemporary Resort) – I rarely eat at sit-down restaurants at the resorts, and now I am asking myself why not?  The wave was very busy, but more of a restaurant than any of the others we enjoyed throughout the week.  There were many children around, which surprised me for some unknown reason (yes, I know, it is Disney.  I guess I didn’t think about it…)  Despite the noisy restaurant, the food spoke for itself.  Hubs and I shared the appetizer for two, which included crab-rock shrimp cakes and sea scallops.  It was fantastic – nothing was fishy.  The cakes were great, a mixture of the seafood without much breadcrumb filling.  They were served on a bed of fresh and light veggies, including tomatoes and cucumbers.  And the scallops had a great crust and weren’t overcooked – we both really enjoyed them. 

For dinner (I apologize for the grainy photos), I continued the seafood theme with their whole grain pasta, mixed with clams, shrimp and mussels.  The fennel and tomato broth was much spicier than anticipated, but it was perfect.  Hubs ordered the espresso-barbecue short rib, complete with a mustard based potato salad and slaw.  He ate it all, so I know he enjoyed it as well.

Snacks & Treats

Some people may say the heat makes ice cream a necessity.  But, there are two things I always have when in Disney because I just love them.  The Dole whip, which is pineapple ice cream (you can also get vanilla) covered with pineapple sauce and chunks.  Mmm…  The other is a Mickey bar or the Mickey cookies and cream ice cream bar.  They may be insanely hard if it isn’t hot enough to melt them, but that just makes them more satisfying.

Hope you enjoyed the quick recap.  Though some of the food is what you expect at a theme park, you may find yourself surprised if you go in with an open mind!

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