Conference Dining

23 Jul

Professionally, I travel for work on occasion. Usually, this is for professional development. So, I’ll give you one guess to what I’m doing right now…

This time around, I’m back in Orlando. I have to say, I am very excited for this conference, both professionally and personally. But besides that, I’m really excited for the food events. Most of the meals are reception style, which I love to see because there are many nibbles here and there. But one luncheon is Iron Chef style – pretty excited to see some hospitality industry chefs make it happen.

In addition to the conference food (which yes, I know has a stigma, but I’ve had some great food!), I will also nibble my way through Disney again and the city of Orlando. I am staying for a few days after the conference for a post vacay with my face mouse at the happiest place on earth. Can’t. Wait.

Of course, this means you will get lots of recaps after. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to upload photos of the two Indy reviews prior to my departure. I know I’ll be a bit behind upon my return, but I promise to catch up soon. I have had some tasty bites I do want share!

Until then, keep on noshing…I know I will. And if you have any Orlando recommendations, do share!

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