Creation Cafe

2 Aug

Being the Groupon junkie that I am, using up the ones I currently have has become a top priority. This time around, hubs and I found ourselves at Creation Cafe, located downtown on the canal in the historical Buggs Temple. An eclectic restaurant in decor, I was anticipating some different style of food to satisfy my taste buds. Yes, this was my first time dining at the establishment. I had heard many great things and was ready to sink my teeth into something delicious.

I couldn’t decide between my first love, nachos, or something different. So hubs agreed that (despite not being overwhelmingly hungry) we order the chicken nachos for an appetizer. The portion was what I expected, a plate mounded with chips and toppings. Chopped grilled chicken that was slightly dry topped the chips. Though dry, there was a lot of chicken for each bite. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and the jalapenos gave it a good bite. The best part of the nachos was the black bean salsa. I love black beans and the nachos really needed the salsa to help with the dry chicken.

For my meal, I ordered the Hoity Toity Mother Clucker chicken sandwich. The name wasn’t the only thing that was more than a mouthful. Chicken breast, which was too large for a sandwich cut (despite looking that way in the photo – trust me, it was on the other side), was grilled nice and tender. The chicken had great flavor, but it was too thick for a sandwich and made it extremely difficult to eat. Especially with the melted brie also making the lettuce slippery on the brioche bun. I love brie, so the flavors of the cheese were spot on with the chicken. Brie mixed with apples and walnuts is one of my favorite appetizers and I loved having all the components on the sandwich. The Granny Smith apples were crisp and refreshing, the walnuts gave it a nice crunch while the brie stayed true to its creamy texture. I was slightly disappointed in the sage aioli because the flavors were a bit more mild than anticipated, but it still gave it another complex taste. Overall, it was a good sandwich – just extremely messy. My side was sweet potato fries.  I could see the double fried deliciousness as well as taste it. Crunchy on the outside, slightly sweet and soft in texture on the inside – delicious. On a related note – remember when you couldn’t find sweet potato fries anywhere? Now I feel like they are everywhere and I absolutely love that.

Hubs got the breakfast burrito, lovingly called Mucho Muchacho, with ‘potato cakes’. He enjoyed the burrito, a mix of scrambled eggs with cheese, Nueske’s bacon (this Wisconsin born girl nods with approval), pico de gallo and sour cream. I didn’t try it, but he didn’t seem disappointed. Despite it not being my meal, I was disappointed with his dish because of the  ‘potato cakes.’  When I hear potato cake, I imagine shredded potatoes mixed with eggs and more goodness before being fried on a griddle. However, this was straight up the frozen hash brown patty you may or may not have enjoyed in grade school. Hubs didn’t complain as it still tasted fine to him, but it just really surprised me to see that was the side rather than something more homey.

Overall, we had a great lunch while enjoying the summer sunshine on the downtown canal. It is a great view and comfortable atmosphere with good food. I was slightly annoyed with myself because they have beer floats and I really wanted to try one, but unfortunately I was too full to take the plunge. I guess next time…

Creation Cafe * 337 West 11th Street * Indy * 317-955-2389

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