NY Slice & Scout’s Treats (Food Trucks)

29 Aug

Food trucks are sweeping (okay, driving) Indy. Really, they have been out for quite a while across the country. But here in Indy, they have become much more popular over the past months. There has even been a food truck festival, as well as plans for future events.  I finally had the opportunity to dine at a few of our local trucks.  Food trucks don’t really make their way to the north side of Indy during the work week.  When I heard (okay, read via twitter) not only one, but two, were headed our way, I grabbed my friend and we headed to the parking lots behind a few businesses on North Meridian.

First up, NY Slice. They had rolled into the parking lot at 11am and we were there at 12:20 only to discover they had a few slices of the Hawaiian left, no other options. This didn’t bother either one of us – I personally love Hawaiian pizza. I enjoyed the thin crust that I could fold just like the classic NY pizza. Though I could fold it, it still had a subtle crispness to it.  The sauce wasn’t extremely flavorful other than rich in tomato. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to the toppings. The pineapple was the basic sweet fruit, the ham subtly salty and the cheese blend standard. There just wasn’t a lot of it – pineapple and ham that is. I would have really enjoyed it more if that was the case. I’d buy again, but I would also like to see what my other options are.

For dessert, Scout’s Treats was right behind NY Slice in the parking lot. I have noticed on twitter Scouts partners with NY pretty often. The truck, though predominately all cupcakes, does serve other treats like frozen candy bars. I was all about their main market and ended up with a red velvet in hand. The cupcake was tender and full of melted chocolate chunks. I’m surer the chocolate was melted because of the warm weather, but I really enjoyed it. The frosting was a cream cheese base, but it had a subtle tangy flavor, almost like a sour cream.  I did notice the frosting wasn’t completely smooth either, subtle chunks of cream cheese maybe? I liked the tang, which is why I really enjoyed this cupcake for a 3:00 snack at work.

Oh, I didn’t have a drink through this meal. Then again, no one offered me one. Would have been a nice suggestion since I obviously forgot. Credit/debit cards were accepted via iPhone from NY Slice, but have cash on hand for Scouts since they only accept cash right now. Definitely give them a try if they are in your neighborhood.



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