Seasons 52

21 Sep

I love getting to meet other people who enjoy food as much as I do.  Thanks to Young & Laramore PR firm and Adrienne, I was invited to join a few other bloggers to have an early taste of the new autumn menu.  It was raining like no other on Monday,  but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the many courses.

I really enjoyed the clean cut restaurant feel.  Dark wood, clean lines, it was contemporary and felt comfortable.  We sat at the chef’s table, which is near the kitchen and seats 8 people comfortably.  Would be a great place, tucked away, to entertain some guests.  The table is unique too – glass plated with spices showcased in the panels.  I sat next to one of my faves, red pepper flakes.

What was going to be five courses turned into twelve.  No complaints on this end, but there were really too many courses to explain them all.   I definitely overate in the beginning which meant I barely managed one or two bites towards the end (except dessert, but when it is mini, you have no excuse!)  However, I still wanted to show you and highlight some of my favorites.

Starting top left and working my way clockwise: Amuse Bouche of golden beet, balsamic reduction, goat cheese and arugula blend; tomato carpaccio; mushroom flat bread and ahi tuna.

The amuse bouche was delightful – I love beets and goat cheese.  One of my favorites was the flat bread.  Mushrooms, goat cheese, Bleu cheese, rosemary, roasted garlic and a touch of truffle oil go a long way – I’d order this again in a heartbeat as it screamed autumn to me.  And the tuna – I loved everything about it.  From the presentation (honestly, wasabi in a little square?  Adorable – yes, I said adorable) to the grade of fish, everything was very good about this entree.  The tomatoes surprised me as they make me think summer, not autumn, but they were still good.  Lightly seasoned with pepper, served with olive oil brushed grilled bread, chevre, sweet basil and balsamic vinegar; nothing new or innovative, but delicious.

Starting top left and working my way clockwise: Arugula salad with Portobello mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and truffle dressing; Maple Leaf Farms Duck Salad; Brussel Sprouts and Trio of Squash.

The arugula salad smelled strongly of truffle and it was as decadent in taste.  The sesame duck salad was interesting – my palate was all over the place.  There seamed to be a great amount of mint, which at times was just overpowering, but the duck had good flavor and was done perfectly.  The salad also had a variety of veggies and fruits, including Gala apples, roasted butternut squash and cranberries with toasted pecans for a nice finishing crunch.  The Brussel sprouts were delicious (don’t judge sprouts until you try them!) and the squash was roasted to perfection.  We had butternut, acorn and another which I believe was delicata, but I can’t be certain on that (though it was my favorite!)

Starting top left and working my way clockwise: Manchester Farms Quail; Blackened grouper; charred buffalo loin; and Springer Mountain Farms chicken cabernet.

All the protein dishes were cooked well, but I was all over the place with likes.  My favorite was the grouper – I was a little hesitant as I’m not a big blackened fan, but this was different.  Rather than heavily flavored with the black pepper spice, it had a full bodied taste with little heat.  I really enjoyed it and focused on that more than the others we were served.  The sides they were served with were okay, the proteins were the focus.  However, I did enjoy the sweet potatoes.  I adored every bit – creamy and naturally sweet without all the extra sugar (ugh, marshmallows with sweet potatoes is disturbing to me).  I enjoyed the quail and buffalo, but neither stood out to any large degree.  This group also had my least favorite, the chicken.  I just didn’t really enjoy it though I couldn’t pinpoint what flavor was throwing me off.  It didn’t mesh well for me and I personally wouldn’t order it again.

And of course, dessert.  I’m a pumpkin girl – I can’t get enough of it.  Honestly, I cook with it once a week when it is the season (you can check this out at my other blog, Entertaining Life Daily).  I wasn’t surprised to see it somewhere in the menu, but I do wish there was more.  Great pumpkin flavor with gingersnap cookie and crust layers.  It was a great, smooth ending to the meal.

Overall, I really enjoyed the salads and appetizers.  The main courses were my least favorites and I may lean more towards sharing a few apps next time I dine here.  Especially that flat bread – it really was quite tasty.  And of course, dessert.  There is a carrot cake on the menu as well that I would love to try.  The new autumn menu was released on Sept. 20 – I recommend giving the seasonal menu a try.  And when everything is under 475 calories, that is even more of a reason to try it out.  Fun fact – did you know they don’t have any butter in the restaurant?  Amazing…I didn’t even miss it…

A big thank you to Adrienne for making this lunch happen, as well as the delightfully friendly staff of Seasons 52.  Everyone was very knowledgeable during the event and couldn’t have been more courteous (especially the chefs and our server, Chris).

Note – though this meal was complimentary, all opinions are honest and my own.

Seasons 52 * 8650 Keystone Crossing * Indy, 46240 * 317.846.5252

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5 Responses to “Seasons 52”

  1. adriennebailey at 3:15 pm #

    Great review, I am so glad you were able to join us. The apps were my favorite part too, especially the flatbread. Yumm!


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