Wings, Etc.

24 Oct

Hubs and I were out running some Halloween errands last weekend and decided to duck into Wings, Etc. for a quick lunch.  I had been here once before when it first opened a few years ago but didn’t remember a thing about it besides the atmosphere.  So when hubs suggested we try it again, I agreed knowing I’d be eating nothing more than a fried lunch.

Another reason why we selected this play was due to a football game – Indiana vs. Wisconsin.  I was slightly surprised to see a relatively empty restaurant, maybe 5 or 6 tables had patrons.  It seems like a good, casual place to watch a game if you aren’t looking to be tackled by crowds, which is what these tables definitely had in mind.  We picked our own seat in the bar and I looked around.  Just what I remembered.  Nothing special about the ambiance, light wood is the main decoration with beer signs and photos of celebrities on the wall.  The expected, casual sports bar atmosphere.   It seems like a  lot of empty space for some reason.  But I wasn’t there for the atmosphere, I was hungry.

We were happy to see an amazing priced lunch special.  “Half pound” lunches for about $5 until 2pm, any day of the week.  We had to wait a little bit for a server, so when she arrived, we barely missed the 2pm cut off.  But this extremely nice and wanting to please us server graciously allowed us to order off the menu.  Hubs chose boneless wings with regular fries while I opted for the pork tenderloin with curly.  All while looking for what to order, I had been right that fried is your basic option for this restaurant.  There were a few items that weren’t fried, but alas, don’t think healthy for sure (which I believe is a given at any sports bar).

Hubs ordered the ‘wings’ and I ordered the ‘etc.’ for lunch.  The wings were your standard boneless wings with a spicy sauce.  I didn’t try them, but he said they were good and just what he expected, nothing too special.  As mentioned, I opted for the tenderloin.  This was pretty big as it took up the basket.  It was fried to a crisp, but still had a good meaty bite to it.  Not pounded too thin or anything, but I not freshly made by any means.  The seasoning was good for me too, but once again, expected.  The bun was a standard sandwich bun that didn’t overshadow the sandwich.  And I personally like tomatoes, lettuce and pickles on my sandwich.  Though I could have had a few more pickles as the three didn’t nearly cover the tenderloin.  Overall, it was a good, but standard sandwich.  And the curly fries were just there.  I had clearly gotten the bottom of the bag as I had all little pieces, but I was content with that.

I didn’t expect too much but frozen fried food and it was exactly what I got.  I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to dine there, but if we were in the area, I would know what to expect.  Of course, I’d never look forward to fresh by any means.  We did have to wait a little bit for service, but once received, she was very accommodating and friendly.  And the food was more than reasonably priced with the special.  We each had a domestic beer and our food, all for about $20.  Which is good, cause I wouldn’t have paid anymore for frozen.

Wings, Etc. * 10491 Walnut Creek Dr. * Carmel, 46032 * 317.228.9880

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2 Responses to “Wings, Etc.”

  1. Erin L. October 25, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    A few of my co-workers and I used to go here all the time since we work in Zionsville and they have such cheap lunch specials. At first it was pretty decent and their menu seemed large enough for us all to make multiple visits and still try everything that sounded good. But as time went on, the quality seemed to nose-dive and I found myself not feeling so well after lunch. They also charge you extra for any dipping sauce for your wings (Blue Cheese or Ranch). This might make sense if you ordered extra but it was explained to me that the wings come sauced and any dipping sauce is extra. 😦

    • City Nom Noms October 25, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

      Agreed, lunch specials are beyond reasonably priced, not to mention I was surprised they were offered on the weekends too! Unfortunate that it declined in quality, thus not leaving you satisfied. I thought it was expensive to charge for sides as well, didn’t realize that until hubs ordered his ranch and we got the bill. All great insight, thanks for reading again Erin!

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