Kathy’s Breakfast & Chowder House (Maine)

26 Nov

Leaving Bar Harbor and making our way to Bangor for the flight home, our stomachs grumbled. Yes, the party was hungry, so me and three of my Maine trip friends stopped at a little restaurant on the side of the road. First off, this place doesn’t look like much from the outside by any means, but they can be jewels. Plus, chowder was in the name (with breakfast); I was intrigued.

The menu was all over the place, some items listed without any explanation (i.e. The West sandwich…) I did ask a few questions here and there and got a strange look from our server. She was nice, but clearly knew we weren’t local by any means and was just there to take our order. I settled on a lobster combo – once again, lobster mission on hand.

The combo consisted of a lobster roll and lobster stew. I was really pleased with the roll. Chunks of lobster mixed up with your basic mayo. A few crisp finely chopped pickles were mixed in – one of the women didn’t even notice it they were that finely chopped. Then again, maybe it was celery, because it didn’t impact the flavor by any means. It was sweet like I expected, and the buttery bun was the perfect vehicle. The stew was a bit different. It was lackluster, needing salt and other seasoning desperately bad. It was basically a thin, almost milk like base with chunks of lobster. Paprika adorned that (and the sandwich) to give it color I assume. I was disappointed with the stew, and it was expensive at $10 a cup.

My meal, including half a drink (they only sell soda in bottles, so a friend and I split it), was around $25 without tip. An expensive lobster lunch considering all the other lobster commodities in the area. Though the roll was good, I wish I would have ordered breakfast, which seems to be the reason many people stop here.

Decor matched the outside of the restaurant (honestly, the restaurant slightly resembled a beat up lighthouse). Not much to look at by any means, but sufficient and clean from what the customer eye could see. Would I go back? Eh, probably not. There seemed to be too many other places I would want to try that could deliver a more seasoned meal.

Kathy’s Breakfast & Chowder * 952 Bar Harbor Road * Trenton, ME

Kathy's Breakfast & Chowder on Urbanspoon

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