Carey Tavern

10 Dec

Hubby works in Westfield, so on the occasion I am able to meet him for lunch, I’m always looking for something casual but good. We decided to try Carey Tavern again. We had been there about a year ago, but I didn’t quite remember much about it. We ducked in and got a seat.

Out of the 40 or so seats at the bar, about half were taken by patrons. Maybe 10 tables, two were dirty, two were taken, and we found ourselves at one near the door. It is a bar – a smokey bar . Exposed brick on one side, dark paint on the opposite with pool tables, tables, bar and karaoke stage in between the walls. Nothing special, but not dirty like a bar can appear to be. We waited for a bit because the bartender, who was the only server, didn’t see us for a while. She was quite apologetic and was quick to serve when she realized we were waiting though.

Hubs ordered the Chicago sandwich. He had it before and enjoyed it, which is why he had ordered it again. I didn’t take a bite, and he didn’t comment on it much, so I won’t say too much about it. The only thing he mentioned was the bread was good. All I can say it did look like a good piece of bread, not right out of a standard sandwich bun package. His lack of comments lead me to believe it was a standard sandwich since he wasn’t raving or pushing the plate away.

Being back in Indiana after a week in Las Vegas (posts to come soon), I settled on an Indiana favorite – the pork tenderloin. I asked if it was made in house and the server said yes, so I gave it a go. It didn’t seem like the standard breading or form of a frozen tenderloin, so I’m inclined to think she was telling the truth. The tenderloin wasn’t pounded consistently, thicker in some areas while thinner in others, but it didn’t bother me. When eaten along, it was quite salty. But despite the fried salt taste, it had a crunchy breading and tender piece of meat. It was seasoned perfectly when eaten with the bun, lettuce, pickles, tomato and mayo that it was served with – the salt wasn’t overpowering then. Served with fries, these were lightly salted and fried to perfection. A good mix of fried crisp and tender potato filling, they were a good side for the fried sandwich.

Of course, the tenderloin was large – I don’t think I will ever encounter a small tenderloin. Hubs sandwich was quite large as well, so we were both very full as we left the restaurant a mere $20 later (included two drinks before tip).One thing to mention, they must be undergoing a menu change. Half of their menu was crossed off with black marker, and I did originally order something that was no longer on the menu – they just hadn’t crossed it off. Be aware that if you go soon, you may have limited choices.

It was solid food for a quick stop in. If I was in the area and wanted bar food, I would go back. But I wouldn’t be making any special trips to Westfield for Carey’s. Would be interested if anyone knows of other casual restaurants in Westfield that I should try when seeing hubs again for lunch. Has to be one hour limit and casual – welcome any suggestions!

Carey Tavern * 17421 Carey Road * Westfield, 46074 * 317.867.0397

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