10-01 Food & Drink

22 Dec

This past weekend, a close friend of mine was celebrating a birthday. For her celebration, she selected 10-01 in Broad Ripple for dinner. I was excited with her selection as I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now and it just hadn’t happened. We made some reservations for seven of us at 6:00pm and made our way there on a Friday evening.

Upon arrival, we found a parking lot attendant. As anyone who dines in Broad Ripple knows, this is fantastic. Hunting down a spot sometimes can be a challenge, so being presented with a free parking option that was available is great. We quickly parked and met up with the group inside. There is a bar downstairs, the restaurant on the main level, and I believe a pilates studio upstairs. A modern and clean looking restaurant, we were quickly seated under a gorgeous chandelier of plastic art (really, I wish I took a photo of it) in the corner of the restaurant overlooking the main street.

Our server quickly took our drink order as we reviewed the menu. I had a late lunch so I wasn’t entirely hungry, but I still wanted to try many items. I was slightly disappointed with the menu though; I guess I had expected more from it. It seemed limited for some reason; maybe I just wasn’t craving much of what the ‘Midwest comfort food with a unique twist.” I settled on a dish that I had read much about, the jalapeno corn bread, and a small wedge salad with salmon. Hubs ordered a cup of soup and cod fingers. Completely out of our norm for a restaurant like this, but I expected good things out of what we ordered.

The dining room was extremely dark – they had dimmed the lights but they first completely shut off. We sat in the dark for about a minute only to be given a little light for 30 minutes before they turned on a few more. I say this because the first few photos are absolutely horrible, but I think I can still make my point in regards to my appetizer: roasted jalapeno cornbread.

I was so excited as I heard great things about it, but unfortunately, I can’t say anything but how disappointed I was. What I was served was a severely burned cornbread and fried brie bites that tasted like fair food. The cornbread was a good texture once the top and bottom layers were peeled off, but the burnt flavor carried through the interior of the bread. Subtle tastes of spicy jalapenos and a slightly gritty texture of corn flour were barely recognizable. Now, I should have sent it back. They shouldn’t have even let this pass the hot plate. But for whatever reason, I didn’t send it back. And as an avid cheese lover, I hoped the brie would save me, but all I got was a stale fried taste. I’m sure this dish is phenomenal, but I didn’t get it at all.

My disappointment only continued with my main course: a wedge salad with salmon. Our server raved about it so I thought it had to be good. But as he continued his explanation, I learned it was farm raised and Atlantic. I gave him a confused look but also the benefit of the doubt regarding farm raised salmon. What I got was a plate about the size of my hand covered with food. The plating was awful and look like an afterthought as a piece of salmon, skin side up, was thrown on top of my deconstructed wedge salad. The salad would have been absolutely fine by itself with the blue affine cheese crumbles (I believe affine is a preparation style of small crumble – anyone else know more about this?) and the Nueske bacon. This Wisconsin girl likes her Nueske, and I appreciated the large chewy pork bites. The bleu cheese dressing was creamy and sharp and the tomatoes were ripe. It was a good salad that unfortunately had a large portion of salmon dumped on top. The salmon, which I ordered medium rare, was border medium well/well done. It wasn’t dry though, but it wasn’t anything I would rave about.

Hubs dishes were beyond better than mine though. His soup, a tomato bisque, was thick and creamy. Luscious with rich tomato flavor, he was too nice to share a spoonful with me. And his catfish fries were really good as well. A house made batter as it was light but had a great crunch to it. And the catfish was delicious as well, especially with the srirachi tarter sauce it was served with. A slight spice really made all the difference with the tarter sauce. He had two great dishes, so I know that my dishes couldn’t be the norm.

Our server was good, attentive when needed but definitely gave us enough space to enjoy our evening with friends. I’m still slightly baffled by his salmon recommendation though. The restaurant is kid friendly (we were by two large groups of 15-20 people, and one was almost all children under 12) and smoke-free. Pricing was a little more than I wanted to pay for what I got as we paid (prior to tip) around $60 for the appetizers and two drinks. The added salmon to the petite salad was $11 by itself.

Has anyone else dined here? What were your impressions? Would you go back? I know I should have sent back the cornbread (I still don’t know why I didn’t), but what else is something I should have ordered? I really wanted to like this place, but alas, I’m not sure I would head back.

10-01 Food & Drink * 1001 Broad Ripple Avenue * Broad Ripple, 46220 * 317-253-1001

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4 Responses to “10-01 Food & Drink”

  1. emily December 22, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    Your corn bread was obviously awful, there is no mistaking that. The batter on the brie is the same delicious batter that is on the catfish fries, I’ve asked. As for the salmon, there would be no reason not to cook it correctly. They serve the same portion of salmon for the 1/2 salad as the full size which is why it may seem overwhelming. As for farm raised Atlantic Salmon, the word Atlantic describes the type of salmon, not where is it from, so it is possible to be farm raised.

    • City Nom Noms December 23, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

      Thanks for reading Emily. I’m surprised that the batter for the catfish and Brie are the same. The taste and texture didn’t match, but maybe it wasn’t as thick or thin as the other. As for the salmon, I was more referring to him raving about farm raised salmon, almost like he was insinuating that it was the best type. But thanks for addressing that as well. Happy dining!

  2. Brent December 23, 2011 at 5:14 am #

    I’m not typically a person that sends food back, but I think I would have thrown a fit about that cornbread. Burned is not acceptable. Ever. I know your husband’s meal seemed ok, but I still haven’t heard anything about this place that makes me want to go there and spend my money. Actually I’ve heard much to the contrary. Too bad really. Cool concept and cool location, but sounds like they are in need of some better execution.

    • City Nom Noms December 23, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

      I agree, I couldn’t believe I didn’t send it back after looking at the photos again. I’ve heard love and hate comments, but I’m going to stay away for a bit.

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