Krolls West (Green Bay, WI)

28 Dec

A staple in Green Bay, Kroll’s is a restaurant many visitors dine at when visiting. Located across the street from the famous Lambeau Field, Kroll’s is a great place to grab a burger before game time. This past weekend, hubs and I were in Green Bay to visit family for the holidays and made our stop at Kroll’s. There isn’t a visit home that we don’t dine at Kroll’s.

I usually order the same thing, despite many of the menu items being great. But when you only get to dine at a restaurant you love twice or maybe three times a year, you savor every bite of your favorites. So this time around, a cheeseburger with everything except onions and a bowl of chili, spaghetti and cheddar included. The cheeseburger is a thin patty, but it has a great charcoal taste to it from the open flame that they use. The ketchup (maybe catsup) is always warm and the melted butter is dripping from every bite. Classic yellow mustard gives you a slight tang while the pickle crunch gives you that added texture. Your fingers will be shining with the butter, but it doesn’t matter, it’s that good. And the buns are also toasted. If you are lucky, you may get a toasted bite of cheese on the bun, like a mini toasted cheese sandwich – delish. A perfect vehicle for this memorable burger. They make a mean toasted cheese sandwich too.

And the chili – I love this chili. It is greasy, clearly from sight. But there isn’t a greasy taste to it. Just a meaty, subtly spicy glow. The meat is fine, but the chili still has a substance despite it being ground. There isn’t much to it, but it is divine. And an optional addition, spaghetti and cheddar, always compliment this bowl of chili for me.

It may not look pretty, wrapped in paper and presented by rotating servers. You order with a call button on the wall and get small glasses of water to sip on while you wait. And I love it all. There is something about Kroll’s. It may remind me of grade school dances and meeting up with friends after, or of grabbing a quick bite to eat with my mom when shopping. The food is good. It is solid. There is something special about this place that will always have me returning and out of town guests wanting to grab a burger or cheese curds.

Kroll’s West * 1990 S. Ridge Road * Green Bay, WI * 920.497.1111

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