Zoup! Fresh Soup Company

4 Jan

I love options. I can’t help it. I know it is a downfall of time – options waste so much of our time. And yes, it can lead to no decisions. However, when it comes to soup and the option to taste all that I want, I love options. Zoup! gave me those options and I’m a believer.

A casual restaurant, it is the type that you walk up to the counter, place your order, then return to pick it up when ready. When approaching the counter, hubs and I were greeted with a smile from a friendly employee. Then, she said the magic words: try as much as you would like. With over 10 soups offered daily, there is plenty to try. And they change all the time. I’ve been in 3 times now: every time I’m there, the soups are different. With the exception of two soups: lobster bisque and chicken pot pie. These are their signature soups, thus always available.

From my tastes, I tried all of them. A few stuck out though. Lobster bisque was too mild for me, lacked flavor and didn’t have depth too it. I expected more of a bisque, but it was too watery for me. The chicken pot pie was fantastic – creamy base with chunks of veggies and chicken, sprinkled with pot pie crust. It was unique and quite delicious. I also tried the pumpkin pie bisque. Subtly sweet with deep autumn flavors, I loved every bite but could see how only a small serving would be needed. Hubs settled on chili – rich in a beef and tomato flavor. He really enjoyed it and was quite full afterward – a cup will do.

I selected the three pepper chicken. A creamy tomato base had great flavor with perfect seasoning. In addition to the tomato base, there were chunks of tender chicken spread throughout the soup. And a slight spice from the three pepper; jalapeno, green and red peppers. I didn’t think it was spicy, but it was the perfect level of flavor from the peppers that both spice and non-spice lovers could rejoice in. I loved this soup – it was perfect to warm up my body on a cold day. I had also ordered it with a bread bowl. I don’t think it was a good choice for this soup, but I could easily have ordered it with a different kind. It was a sourdough bread bowl which is why I didn’t enjoy it with the soup. The sour flavor was quite strong – authentic in taste to me. It was great in flavor (if you like sourdough) and the serving was quite large. The bread was chewy on the inside yet had the perfect crunch on the outside. I would easily order this with a tomato bisque or one of their other soups.

Zoup! is a great place to warm up in the fall and winter months. I could see it in the spring too on those rainy days. Plus,the friendly staff informed me that in the summer, cold soups grace the tasting spoons. Think gazpachos and such. Lovely, just lovely.

I’d love to hear what soups others have tried if you were able to swing into Zoup! yet. Please, leave a comment and let me know what you loved or disliked. And if you haven’t been, go give it a try (and another. And another…) soon.

Zoup! Fresh Soup Company * 1430 West Carmel Drive * Carmel, 46032 *317. 810.9800 * @Zoup_Soup

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