Northside Nights: Spring Edition (Special Event)

2 Mar

It is that time again – another restaurant week is approaching. Northside Nights, a version of Devour Downtown but on the North side, will be up and running March 8-18 for the Spring eating edition.

There are quite a variety of restaurants available; almost all are local or local chains. I’ve been to most, but for a few, it has been quite a while. I think I may have to try to the restaurants I’ve never been to, including some chains, like Ruth’s Chris. Yup, never been. Here are the others I may need to try:

  • Bella Vita
  • Hellas Cafe
  • Ruth’s Chris
  • LA Cafe
  • Michael’s Southshore

I’m most curious about Michael’s Southshore as I haven’t heard of them prior to this. From a quick look at their menu, I really wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up there. Though, I did discover this 2 for $57 deal which also included wine. This does leave the debate of ‘wine vs. dessert’, but another option to consider.

Another great thing about Northside Nights? Daily giveaways. Be sure to register to win gift certificates – and you can do so everyday!

Save the date for these other events this year too:

  • Devour Downtown: July 30-August 12
  • Chow Down Midtown: June 11 – 24
  • Northside Nights & Savor the Southside: September 11-23

Where are you looking to try, or where will you return to? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!, as well as how your experience was.

3 Responses to “Northside Nights: Spring Edition (Special Event)”

  1. Tom H at 6:16 pm #

    Their menu doesn’t quite work for us as a couple, but I’ve really been wanting to try Late Harvest…

    I’m koo-koo for Pizzology and will most definitely be taking advantage of their special.

    • City Nom Noms at 10:29 am #

      Late Harvest is on my list too – would love to hear how it is for you if you make it! And I’m also a big fan of Pizzology, but I plan to try the restaurants I haven’t been to yet.


  1. Late Harvest Kitchen « -

    […] weekday meal is sometimes all one needs to get through the week. And when you have something like Northside Nights to entice you, it makes it a treat to try something we may normally save for the weekend. Hubs and […]

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