Woody’s Library

17 Apr

I’m a sucker for Sunday brunch. Wanting to stay somewhere close to home, hubs and I settled on Woody’s Library for some good eats before running a few weekend errands. I love Woody’s atmosphere – an older library layout that has been converted into a restaurant. The separate rooms allow it to feel more intimate while still maintaining a business casual environment. The restaurant wasn’t busy when we arrived, thus allowing us to take in the atmosphere while being seated quickly.

I began with a berry sparkling beverage. Sparkling wine mixed with a berry simple syrup, though a little sweet for my normal drink preference, was a great way to begin this meal. Hubs had ordered an iced tea and enjoyed the carafe he was given without request to ensure his thirst was constantly quenched. The menu for their brunch is somewhere between simple/expected and unique. There are the scrambles, but you can add on a variety of ingredients. We somehow both decided on one of my all time faves, eggs benedict, but each with our own little twist.

Hubs ordered the classic benedict with ham. Appropriate as the following day was also national eggs benedict day. He said the ham wasn’t very apparent, he missed the taste that it could have lent the dish. But he was really enjoying all the other components that even though he missed the ham, he didn’t miss the enjoyment of the dish. With brunch items, you also order a side for your dish. He opted for the mini sausages. When he received them, it was definitely different from our expectations. Mini sausages, like you would use to make pigs in a blanket, were swimming in a sweet and sour sauce. No explanation anywhere that you would receive it that way. Personally, we didn’t mind as we are okay with sweet and sour, but if you didn’t like that flavor combination, you would have been severely disappointed with your selection. They were pretty good, but we both acknowledged that the sausages weren’t local or homemade by any means. We wouldn’t be surprised if the sauce was the same situation. They were fine, but nothing earth shattering.

As mentioned, I too ordered the benedict. But mine was with crab cakes – yum! I love seafood benedict, it is one of my all time favorite breakfast dishes. Like hubs, two biscuits served as the base. They were dense as I expect a biscuit to be, and a little dry on their own. I prefer the classic toasted english muffin though because it isn’t as filling and is always adds just a bit of crunch to the base. My crab cakes were apparent with every bite, but when eating them without the fillers of the benedict, I was slightly disappointed to see how bread dense they were. They definitely had the flavor of crab, but the texture was heavy in breadcrumbs. But they were cooked well, crispy on the edges and tender inside. The two poached eggs were just a tad bit overcooked, so I wasn’t given the runny yolk that I adore sopping up with every bite. But the holandaise was luscious and savory. It was simple, not heavy in any ingredient, as all the ingredient flavors meshed perfectly. What I really liked about the benedict was the fried leeks that adorned the top. They were crisp and gave the perfect onion flavor that I didn’t realize I wanted.

As my side, I ordered the mini potato cakes. They were adorable (I love mini foods!) in size and great in flavor. Light, not with that greasy fried taste, the potatoes were seasoned well with salt and pepper and had a crisp edge. I also ordered the cinnamon roll wedges solely because I can never say no to a cinnamon roll. I should have in this case though as it was extremely dry. Don’t be fooled by the photo, this was hard and could have been warmed up a bit. I’m sure that would have helped and made it more enjoyable if it was at least served warm. The flavor could have been there, but I was so consumed with how dry it was that I ended up only taking a few bites and finishing with the strawberries. But honestly, I was so full with my main dish that I really didn’t even need the half of the roll for $2.

Overall, the meal was good. I really enjoyed the benedict despite the eggs being slightly overcooked and the cakes being breadcrumb heavy. I thought the flavor components were all there as expected. I may swap out the sides next time just to try something new, but I may ask to be sure there are no unexpected twists like the sausage hubs ordered. Once again, not bad, but out of left field. I’ll definitely be back, maybe for lunch or dinner as I haven’t been for those meals. Anyone else?

And another note, Woody’s is owned by the same restauranteur of Divvy. Two great restaurants with two very different feels.

Woody’s Library * 40 east main street * carmel, 46032 * 317.573.4444

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