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Seasons 52

15 Oct

Well, it’s been a while. I’m so sorry for my delay. But I don’t want you to think that I’ve been out of touch with food, because I have been very well in touch with feeding my appetite. Let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we?

I was warmly welcomed here in Atlanta when invited to join fellow bloggers and writers at the Seasons 52 Autumn menu release. I’ve done these tastings before in Indianapolis, specifically referring to the last Autumn tasting, and have always had a great experience. The wine, the food, the service. All have been fantastic, so I expected a similar experience here.

First Course: Cider-Glazed Grilled Chicken Skewers, served with Farrier Andiron Semillon

My favorite dish of the night, the rustic smell of the grilled chicken was intoxicating. Pockets of vinegar burst with each bite of the salad, as crisp celery and apples dabbled through the salad giving it a crunchy texture. There was a sharp bite, not only from the vinegar, but also from mustard seeds. Pumpkin seeds gave it a bit more crunch, but I wished there were a few more as I was hunting for those and the dried cranberries. The chicken was extremely tender and full of flavor from the grill, it was a perfect fall dish.

Second Course: Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck Salad, paired with Avanthia Godello

I was slightly overwhelmed by mint with this course, as it was ruffly chopped in the salad. Mixed in were apples, butternut squash, and crunchy walnuts. The duck was tender though done a bit more than I would have preferred. I really loved the ginger soy dressing that dressed the salad. The presentation was great though I believe this is how many of their salads are presented: in a cylinder that is then ‘poured’ on your plate. I felt this was almost a fun play on a typical waldorf salad, just a bit more modern and delicious finishing with a black pepper taste.

Third Course, All-Natural Piedmontese Steak, paired with Tilia Bonarda

Piedmontese steak is a leaner cut of meat that I don’t eat very often. This dish showcased all the reasons why one should enjoy every morsel more often. Though it was lean, it wasn’t lacking any flavor as it was grilled perfectly, covered in a creamy, rustic mushroom sauce. The potatoes were wonderful, never skipping a beat as they were properly seasoned and tender – all without a drop of butter. The asparagus was crisp and well seasoned, a great accompaniment to the plate. I think I’ve said it before, but dishes like this make people forget that the meals at Seasons 52 are calorie savvy.

Fourth Course, Manchester Farms All-Natural Grilled Quail, paired with Michael David Petite Petit and Glenelly Cabernet Sauvignon

Another delicious dish, the quail was perfectly tender and rich in texture and taste. I wanted to pick up each piece and nibble it to the bone, but didn’t think that was the best way to present myself to this new crowd. The charcoal smell made me close my eyes in happiness as the quail was buttery and rich while maintaining a clean finish. The portabello risotto was rich in flavor due to a drizzle of truffle oil throughout the rice. The portabellos made the risotto ironically meaty in texture and substance, all melted together perfectly with the balsamic reduction glaze.

Fifth Course, Mini Indulgence Desserts

Just as I remembered, the mini indulgences were the perfect way to end the meal. A little bit of pumpkin cream, graham cracker filling, and a gingersnap cookie had me leaving on a happy note as I liked my spoon clean of the pumpkin pie treat.

The other bloggers and writers were nice and curious about me, the new comer. I look forward to reading more about their experiences, suggestions, likes, and dislikes as I continue to settle into this new community. Thanks again, Seasons 52, for a delicious evening of wine and nibbles. Cheers to the new adventures, and your seasonal menu.

Seasons 52 * 90 Perimeter Center West *Dunwoody, 30346 * 770.671.0052

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City Nom Noms on the Move: An Update

21 Jul

When thinking up City Nom Noms, I purposely avoided calling it anything Indianapolis related. I did this because I knew I wasn’t going to be living in Indy forever. I didn’t know when a change would happen, I just knew it would. And that time is now.

For those who don’t follow me on twitter or haven’t seen this announcement elsewhere, I’m sure you were thinking that something was happening (or that I just gave up on blogging. Honestly, I haven’t given up eating!) Well, something has happened in mine and hubs life – we have made a move to Atlanta.

Yes, HOTlanta. This Wisconsin native and northern lady has packed her bags and accepted a new job with a company based out of Atlanta. You can read more here, but just know that there are many restaurants I’m going to miss in Indy. So many great (and yes, there were some not so great) times to be eaten in Indy. The scene is booming and there are many restaurants and chefs that I will miss because of their greatness.

For all the reasons I’ll be missing the food, they are the same reasons I’m excited about this new adventure. After all, it isn’t just about the excitement of the new job, new city and new home. The culinary adventures that lie ahead are so exciting as there are many I’ve been wanting to try. Richard Blais does live here after all. Can’t. Wait.

What does that mean for City Nom Noms? Well, I’m going to keep writing. Obviously, the focus may shift to Atlanta, but I’ve always written about trips and my travels around the country. I’ll continue this trend, but know that you’ll see a big shift from Indy to Atlanta area.

Thank you to all of my readers for this past year. I hope that you keep reading and continue to utilize City Nom Noms as a resource in the future.

And, in case you were wondering, The Local for my last meal when I was in Indy. Delish. And my first restaurant here in Atlanta? I’m visiting Flip tonight. Stay tuned…here I come Richard!