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MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

11 Oct

I was meeting up with some colleagues of mine for lunch and we decided to rotate our monthly luncheon to the northeast side of Indy in the Castleton area.  Someone suggested MacKenzie River Pizza Co.  I had seen it several times driving by, but I think I was protesting the location because I miss having the guacamole from Adobo on the northside.  But, I’m always happy to try something new, and drove over to the area for a mid-week lunch.

The place is decorated as I expected; a wooded theme, clean and modern yet outdoorsy.  What I would expect from a business with “river” in its title.  It wasn’t busy so our table of 8 were quickly seated in a semi-private area of the restaurant, something we all appreciated.  After reading a bit about the restaurant, I had to question “why Indiana?”  The restaurants are in the northwest of the country, being in Idaho, Washington and Montana.  I shrugged my shoulders and perused the menu to find pizza wasn’t the only option.  They have sandwiches, salads, pastas and more.  They even had two different kinds of nachos – my favorite – on the menu to sample from the appetizer selection.

If a restaurant has pizza in the name, I might as well stick with that on my first go.  The Hot Hawaiian was on special so I gave it a try. Two options for crust, regular or thin, I opted for the thin.   A few others at the table did order regular and it looked about half an inch thick and chewy.   But I was happy with the thin crust as it was crisp all the way through, not soggy in the middle like so many restaurants tend to be.  When you held it up, no drooping.  But even though it was crisp, there was still a slight pull of softness to it making it just a bit chewy.  The barbeque sauce was the perfect amount for me – not too little and not too much.  Though slightly sweet, it still had a good smokey flavor.  But it was subtle, so you didn’t feel overwhelmed by the smokey flavor.  On top, small chunks of sweet pineapple and slices of mildy spicy jalapenos were the main toppings.  The pineapple was probably canned, though I didn’t mind this by any means, but the jalapenos looked fresh, but lacked the crisp spicy factor. Pieces of bacon were strewn across the top and though I would have liked a bit more, the small bites of roasted chicken filled in the spaces.  The chicken was slightly dry, but with the sauce and cheese, it wasn’t too noticeable.  A blanket of mozzarella cheese covered the pizza, though it didn’t reach the ends to give me the crisp cheesy crust that I do love about pizza.

I enjoyed my pizza and first visit the MacKenzie River Co.  It wasn’t anything like a frozen or delivery type of pizza, but it stood up as a solid pizza.  I did enjoy all the selections of pizza and the variety of ingredients to build your own if you decided to do so.  Prices were pretty reasonable and service was good.  It took a bit for us to receive our food, but with the large party and six of us ordering individual pizzas, that was to be expected.  The staff was attentive and personable, something I always look forward to receiving when I dine out.  If you are in the area, maybe shopping or running errands, give it at try.  There is a lot to choose from and it is, once again, always great to try something new.

MacKenzie River Pizza Co. * 4939 E. 82nd St. Suite 100 * Indy, 46250 * 317. 288.0609

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