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Northside Nights: Spring Edition (Special Event)

2 Mar

It is that time again – another restaurant week is approaching. Northside Nights, a version of Devour Downtown but on the North side, will be up and running March 8-18 for the Spring eating edition.

There are quite a variety of restaurants available; almost all are local or local chains. I’ve been to most, but for a few, it has been quite a while. I think I may have to try to the restaurants I’ve never been to, including some chains, like Ruth’s Chris. Yup, never been. Here are the others I may need to try:

  • Bella Vita
  • Hellas Cafe
  • Ruth’s Chris
  • LA Cafe
  • Michael’s Southshore

I’m most curious about Michael’s Southshore as I haven’t heard of them prior to this. From a quick look at their menu, I really wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up there. Though, I did discover this 2 for $57 deal which also included wine. This does leave the debate of ‘wine vs. dessert’, but another option to consider.

Another great thing about Northside Nights? Daily giveaways. Be sure to register to win gift certificates – and you can do so everyday!

Save the date for these other events this year too:

  • Devour Downtown: July 30-August 12
  • Chow Down Midtown: June 11 – 24
  • Northside Nights & Savor the Southside: September 11-23

Where are you looking to try, or where will you return to? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!, as well as how your experience was.

GG’s Bar & Grill

29 Dec

After picking up some items at a local brewery shop for hubs brewing project, my stomach was making noise. Acknowledging that my stomach needed something, I turned to hubs and suggested we grab something in the neighborhood. We were on the northwest side of Indy, near Binford and 65th Street, and neither one of us knew anything around the area with the exception of GT South’s and a few fast food restaurants. I shook my Urbanspoon app on my phone and GG’s showed up. Nothing was really on the review portion, so I took this as an opportunity to try something new.

We pulled up next to GT’s and to find GG’s. I have no idea if there is a connection between the two (anyone?), but the mini mall housed two restaurants among the three storefronts. There weren’t any windows, just two glass doors. We took a step inside to find a sports bar, more of a bar with tv’s. It was dark, but more welcoming than our last experience at a bar we knew nothing about. We grabbed a booth and waited for the bartender to make her way over as we perused the menu.

Going healthy in a sports bar is never really an option, so we always decide to go all out. Hubs really went all out by ordering a grilled cheese burger. Two grilled cheese sandwiches were the bread for the burger. Burger was cooked medium well/well done, but it still was juicy. I wouldn’t say house made, but it was still something of good seasoning. But that was it; no lettuce, tomato or onions were on this burger. The main thrill of the sandwich was the grilled cheese. First, there was a grilled cheese of American cheese. Then, there was a combo of two cheeses; from my guess, I’d say colby and mozzarella, on top of the burger. The cheeseburger was then put on the ‘bun’ of the two grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheese was melted all over the place. I expected more cheese flavor, especially with all the cheese on the sandwich, but it was a little lackluster for me. Hubs said it was good, but I thought the four slices of bread dried out the sandwich a little bit. The fries that were served with the sandwich were standard, nothing special, but they fit the bill for my fried craving.

We also split an order of chicken nachos. The chips were thin, crispy and salty. I did notice that they would break easily under the weight of the toppings once in a while, but it didn’t really bother me. The chicken was tender and flavorful. There was enough to go around, but not too much where it is overwhelming. Iceberg lettuce was crisp, though I would have liked it chopped up just a bit more. Once again, two different types of cheese with two different textures. A classic nacho cheese was drizzled all over, but there was also a broiled/melted mozzarella  was also on the nachos. I loved that every bite had some toppings as there was plenty to go around. And I’m an olive lover, so the black olives mixed with the crisp scallions were good to me.

Overall, this is definitely a neighborhood bar for the locals. The bartender, who was also our server, definitely had friends in the establishment. I would be pretty confident in saying out of the 15 people in there, we were the only ones who she didn’t recognize by name. She was friendly and the service was prompt. The bar was still a little dark for me; bare boned in decor with black walls. There were a few bar games and pool tables, and the smell of smoke slightly lingered from the night before I assume. I personally prefer something a bit more brighter, but from my perception of the lack of restaurants in the area, I could see local residents easily picking this place for a drink and a game.

GG’s Bar & Grill * 5701 East 71st Street * Indianapolis, 46220

GG's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon