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Carey Tavern

10 Dec

Hubby works in Westfield, so on the occasion I am able to meet him for lunch, I’m always looking for something casual but good. We decided to try Carey Tavern again. We had been there about a year ago, but I didn’t quite remember much about it. We ducked in and got a seat.

Out of the 40 or so seats at the bar, about half were taken by patrons. Maybe 10 tables, two were dirty, two were taken, and we found ourselves at one near the door. It is a bar – a smokey bar . Exposed brick on one side, dark paint on the opposite with pool tables, tables, bar and karaoke stage in between the walls. Nothing special, but not dirty like a bar can appear to be. We waited for a bit because the bartender, who was the only server, didn’t see us for a while. She was quite apologetic and was quick to serve when she realized we were waiting though.

Hubs ordered the Chicago sandwich. He had it before and enjoyed it, which is why he had ordered it again. I didn’t take a bite, and he didn’t comment on it much, so I won’t say too much about it. The only thing he mentioned was the bread was good. All I can say it did look like a good piece of bread, not right out of a standard sandwich bun package. His lack of comments lead me to believe it was a standard sandwich since he wasn’t raving or pushing the plate away.

Being back in Indiana after a week in Las Vegas (posts to come soon), I settled on an Indiana favorite – the pork tenderloin. I asked if it was made in house and the server said yes, so I gave it a go. It didn’t seem like the standard breading or form of a frozen tenderloin, so I’m inclined to think she was telling the truth. The tenderloin wasn’t pounded consistently, thicker in some areas while thinner in others, but it didn’t bother me. When eaten along, it was quite salty. But despite the fried salt taste, it had a crunchy breading and tender piece of meat. It was seasoned perfectly when eaten with the bun, lettuce, pickles, tomato and mayo that it was served with – the salt wasn’t overpowering then. Served with fries, these were lightly salted and fried to perfection. A good mix of fried crisp and tender potato filling, they were a good side for the fried sandwich.

Of course, the tenderloin was large – I don’t think I will ever encounter a small tenderloin. Hubs sandwich was quite large as well, so we were both very full as we left the restaurant a mere $20 later (included two drinks before tip).One thing to mention, they must be undergoing a menu change. Half of their menu was crossed off with black marker, and I did originally order something that was no longer on the menu – they just hadn’t crossed it off. Be aware that if you go soon, you may have limited choices.

It was solid food for a quick stop in. If I was in the area and wanted bar food, I would go back. But I wouldn’t be making any special trips to Westfield for Carey’s. Would be interested if anyone knows of other casual restaurants in Westfield that I should try when seeing hubs again for lunch. Has to be one hour limit and casual – welcome any suggestions!

Carey Tavern * 17421 Carey Road * Westfield, 46074 * 317.867.0397

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Chow Down Midtown (special event)

31 May

Not only do we get Devour Downtown twice a year (once in the summer, once in the winter), we have another eating event upon us.  From June 6 through the 16,  Chow Down Midtown is taken over the Broad Ripple and Meridian/Kessler area.  I’ve been anticipating this for quite a while, and it is almost here!

From The Ripple Inn to Thr3e Wise Men, the variety of restaurants available to enjoy are all across the board.  You can even get a cake that serves 16-20 people from Parcha Sweets.  I’m hoping to make my way to Meridian, and I still haven’t been to Northside Social or Recess.  There are some great options – where are you looking to dine?

Check out the website if you haven’t yet – would love to hear where people are dining or where you would recommend!

Mardi Gras – Where to Dine?

28 Feb

It is right around the corner – Mardi Gras.  Also known as Fat Tuesday, individuals around Circle City will be gorging themselves on culinary delights come Tuesday, March 8.  Being one of those individuals, I am wondering where to eat.  When I think about Fat Tuesday, I think about noshing on Cajun/Creole food.  I love the fried po’boys and jambalaya.  Oh, and I adore paczki (a Polish pastry, stuffed with goodness) too.  But where to find some of these treats?  Just a few places to consider that specialize in Louisiana fare:


  • Mudbug’s Cajun Cafe (Carmel) – they will be celebrating all week with King Cake and buckets of beer.  I’ve had the po’boys and gumbo, but there is a variety to choose from.
  • Yats (4 locations in Indy, check their site for the one nearest you) – I’ve got to be honest, never been here.  What is everyone’s opinion?
  • Bar at the Ambassador (downtown) – I dined there a few weeks ago, and I don’t see it again in my near future.  But that is just me – is there a reason why I should?

What will I be eating this year?  Not sure yet.  I think I am craving bouillabaisse – a French inspired seafood delight with broth that should be soaked up with some bread.   And if I can get my hands on some king cake, that would be good too.  The cream cheese pastry (my preference of filling) is always so buttery and divine, everything a pastry should be.

Any suggestions on the best Cajun/Creole eats in Indy?  Where are you eating for the holiday?

Goose the Market

8 Feb

Craving a good sandwich, I met up with my sorority alumnae chapter for a casual dinner at Goose the Market. I had been wanting to try GtM for quite a long time – you know you have a gem when an establishment is featured in bon appetit.  Located on Delaware, this neighborhood marketplace boasts a small but powerful menu of sandwiches, some great cheese and meat selections for you to purchase.

After drooling over the meat and cheese assortment, we placed our order and headed downstairs to grab one of the two first come, first served family style tables in what is called the Enoteca.  A casual environment, it is setup like a wine and beer cellar.  Craft brews adorn one wall while wine takes on the other three, and there are more items for purchase in the back across from a small plates bar.  I ordered a Stone Levitation Ale and grabbed my seat on the wooden bench.   Minutes later, our sandwiches were brought to us by one of the friendly staff members and we dove in.

I ordered the famous Batali, which is named after the salumi maker, Armandino Batali (who also happens to be the father of Mario!)  First off, the bread was beyond amazing, fresh and tender bread with a crusty outer layer.  It was slathered in spicy pickled veggies, tomato perserves, and a thick and flavorful mayo.  Three meats adorned the sandwich: spicy coppa, capolcolla and soppressata.  The flavors were amazing, mixed with slices of provolone, pickled/marinated red onion and romaine.  The sandwich was spicy, but good spicy leaving you wanting another bite despite your lips tingling with heat.

I had no idea what to expect when I walked in, but I left knowing that I would return.  There are a few other sandwiches that I must try – I know they’ll be amazing because the Batali…oh my, fantastic.

Did I mention they have a beer and cheese month club?  I must order that soon…and congratulation on the 40 by 40 recognition – you deserve it!

Goose the Market * 2503 N. Delaware St * Indy * 317.924.4944

Goose the Market on Urbanspoon