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Brugge Brassiere (special event)

4 Apr

An event that hubs and I have been looking forward to for the past few month’s was this past weekend.  The men and women of Hoosier Beer Geeks hosted the Craft Beer Meal that Comes Before Lunch (CBMTCBL).  CBMTCBL is a beer tasting and brunch at the Brugge Brassiere, which hubs and I dined at recently when we purchased tickets to this event.  The sold-out event had several tastings of some finely crafted brews, but also some fine tastes as well.

The tastes included some great cheese from Goose the Market (which I love after dining there – must go shopping soon for some more good eats) as well as one of the three meal options offered by Brugge.  Selections included a German cheese & meat platter, a sweet potato & goat cheese crepe and the steak & eggs entree from their menu.  Though all were tempting, you only get one to nibble on while sipping on your beverages.

I have posted a whole review on Entertaining Life Daily for those interested, but wanted to comment on the food a little here as well.  This is to showcase how great some restaurants can be for events and specialized menus, as well as the service that we received.

Hubs and I both ordered the steak and eggs, and though I have already reviewed that dish, I just want to say it was once again fantastic.  Perfectly cooked and seasoned well, the steak was delicious.  Frites were also great as I dipped them into bleu cheese and hot curry.  We were seated with two of our friends, one who ordered the German platter.  Full of a variety of meats, cheeses (there was a mustard cheese that was utterly fantastic) and fruits, the platter looked great.  I also got to taste a bite of the crepe (thank you Kristin!) and it was earthy and delicious.  All the food was phenomenal, a perfect compliment to the great brews we were sipping.

The service was great – a few individuals serving up hot plates of delicious food and pouring beverages.  It was a scattered service, but due to the entertainment and good conversations, it didn’t matter if you got the first or last dish.  And I appreciated the server being honest.  I love goat cheese and sweet potatoes and was heavily leaning towards the crepe for my dish, so I asked his opinion.  He mentioned he didn’t try it, and though it looked good, he didn’t feel comfortable recommending it which is why I stuck with the delicious steak & eggs.  Thank you to the kitchen for serving up consistent food.  It is always great to get exactly what you expect in a dish you’ve had before.

Now, I don’t know all the logistics of the event, but I thoroughly enjoy local food meshing with local brews.  I love going to these type of pairings, and luckily, Indy is always offering them up to those who choose to attend.  And when you know the food is going to be good, it is always a treat.

Brugge Brasserie * 1011 E. Westfield Blvd. * Indianapolis, IN 46220 * 317.255.0978

Brugge Brasserie

15 Mar

Hubs and I stopped at Brugge Brasserie to purchase tickets for an event that we’ll be attending in April (side note – this event is sold out!)  I personally can’t step near Brugge without wanting mussels, so we decided to dine their for lunch before running errands that afternoon.  The restaurant wasn’t busy (yet) and we were immediately sat in the main dining room.

We each ordered a beer while we waited for our lunch.  I love the beers at Brugge – they have a great craft taste and are all refreshing in their own way.  I ordered a Single, which is a slightly lighter variation of the Triple de Ripple that my husband ordered.  The Single was an Amber, slight tones of berry and delicious with every sip.  Higher in alcohol, the Triple de Ripple has the warming aspect of a true Belgium Triple but is still refreshing.  I ordered another Single during the meal while hubs switched over to the Black, a molasses tasting beer with tones of coffee to his taste.  All delicious.

For lunch, I ordered what Brugge is known for: mussels.  The moules frites is always great, no matter the cooking style you select.  I ordered the Prince Edward Island mussels, which is nearly two pounds, with the Red Curry cooking style.  The mussels were fantastic, with not a single unopened mussel present, meaty and delicious with every bite.  I love to let them soak in the liquid, which this time around, had a bit of spice from the red curry.   The broth was bursting with flavor, shreds of Thai basil floated and gave a fresh flavor to the coconut milk scented broth.  Not only did I let the mussels soak, I also took the warm bread and soaked up as much liquid as I could.  You can order some more for a small price, but my stomach was bursting after I ate all of the mussels and frites that I was served.  The frites (fries) are served in a cone and lightly fried and heavily seasoned with salt.  With the two dipping sauces that come with your meal, you can’t go wrong (though I dip my fries in the broth too).  I had the garlic aioli, a creamy mayo based sauce that is garlicky in all the right ways, as well as the poplar syrup and French dijon, a slight mustard spiced vinaigrette that is thick and perfect for the fries.

Hubs ordered the steak and eggs – an entree we actually had at the last beer event at the Brugge.  The steak was a little underdone to what hubs ordered, but still great in flavor with subtle seasoning.  Rather than having the steak served on a bed of frites, hubby has preference to order them on the side so he can get the most out of their flavor with his dipping sauces (he too ordered the garlic aioli as well as the homemade ketchup).  The eggs were fried, over easy, so all of the yolk pours over the steak as a creamy component.  It was as delicious as it was the first time we had it.

Brugge is a place that many people have been and I have never heard a bad thing said about the establishment.  The service is always great, laid back but spot on.  The atmosphere is casual and comfortable, allowing you to really focus on the food.  The ingredients are fresh and simple – everything that great food should be.  If you haven’t been yet, go now.  Oh, and if you haven’t tried the crepes, the too are delish.

Brugge Brasserie * 1011 E. Westfield Blvd. * Indianapolis, 46220 * 317.255.0978

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