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Chatham Tap

28 Mar

I was meeting up with two friends last weekend for lunch and we decided on Chatham Tap, which is right down the street from one of their homes.  I previously had drinks at the downtown location, but never a meal and was anxious to see what kind of sandwiches I could get my hands on.  My stomach was growling…

Though March Madness and fútbol were both on, the place still had plenty of tables available.  A great pub-like atmosphere, we grabbed a seat at a tall boy in the bar area and caught up while reviewing the menu.  I debated between many sandwiches (while glancing at the pizza list) and wasn’t disappointed with the many options that were available.  I decided to go veg and ordered a smoked Gouda and Apple Melt.

The food came quickly (which was good for the rumbling stomach of mine) and I immediately began munching on the sweet potato fries I had ordered as my side.  At an additional price (I believe it was about $1.25 more) you have the opportunity to order fries or onion rings.  I love sweet potato fries, and these had a good crisp outer edge to the sweet tasting potato.  Slightly salted, they were a good accompaniment to the sandwich.  The sandwich was crispy but cheesy at the same time.  Tart, green apples balanced smokey cheese while maintaining their crispness despite being grilled.  The bad part?  It was very greasy.  Yes, it was a melt, but I prefer for the butter to be not be so predominant when it is grilled leaving your hands covered with grease.  Don’t get me wrong, the sandwich was still good, but it was a little greasy going down and I anticipated it to be a tad bit lighter rather than so indulgent (especially after my Sunday workout.)

Though this review is for the Fishers location, I’d like to point out there is a location in downtown Indy on Mass Ave.  I believe that is the original location, and they have a great patio for those warm summer nights.  I’ve had a bite of their cheeseburger pizza and have plans of having it again in the future.

Chatham Tap * 8211 E. 96th Street * Fishers, IN * 317.845.1090

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