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Chick-fil-A (Giveaway!)

23 May

Winner update, 5.25.12 – Thank you to all who participated. Random numbers have been chosen. Congratulations to:

  • 2 – Miranda
  • 14 – Maria
  • 19 – Kim
  • 6 – Dana H.
  • 17 – Wen
  • 3 – Amy M.

Once again, congratulations! Email me at angieahrens@gmail.com with your name and address. I’ll drop your gift card in the mail as soon as possible. Thank you to all of you for your great comments. I appreciate you reading!


I normally wouldn’t review a chain, let along one that is fast food. But when Chick-fil-A reached out and asked me to give their restaurant a go because of their new desserts, I decided to say ‘absolutely!’ Why? Let me tell you.

  1. A reason to eat a spicy chicken sandwich. Eating out at lunch is rare, especially fast food. So an excuse to have the spicy sandwich was accepted. I like that it is a tender chicken sandwich with subtle, spicy breading. The end pieces are crispy, but most of it is barely covered with the thin breading. Plus, a pickle ends it well for me.
  2. I like chocolate. The whole reason was the try desserts. And I’m not one to turn down some ice cream, cookies, and brownies.
  3. Desserts for you! Yup, you heard me. YOU can get these wonderful desserts yourself. But of course, I had to try them first.

After I noshed on my chicken sandwich and waffle fries, I gave the cookie sundae a try. A chocolate chunk cookie was broken up in the bottom of the cup and topped with soft serve ice cream. Vanilla I may add. Whipped cream and cherry with more chocolate cookie chunks rounded out the simple dessert. Something I would expect from CFA. They take simple food and make sure it is solid and yum (that’s a technical term – yum). And yes, this sundae was the perfect sweet ending to my lunch. The cookie was soft, chewy, and loaded with chocolate chunks. Delicious.

But, I want you to try for yourself. And though I paid for my lunch and sundae (the sundae is a mere $1.79!), CFA and I don’t want you to. They want you to enjoy it all just because you are a reader of City Nom Noms. Talk about a deal.

I have a numerous gift cards to give out to you! Each card gives you an opportunity to try a dessert every month, all summer long.

  • May – chocolate chunk cookie
  • June – brownie
  • July – chocolate chunk cookie sundae

How do you win a gift card? All you need to do is leave a comment telling me why you love CFA! Maybe it is the fantastic service you always receive, or maybe it is because you appreciate that they close on Sunday for their employees to have a weekend. Or, maybe you like the spicy chicken sandwich as much as I do.

That’s it. And don’t hesitate to share the opportunity via twitter or Facebook. There are plenty to give away – I have a total of six cards for you to enjoy. Well, six of you!

As I have been out of town for a large chunk of May, I understand there isn’t much time left for this. So this will be a quick contest, as I don’t want you missing out on that cookie! The contest will end at Friday, May 25 at 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time. I’ll randomly (via computerized system) pick six winners and send all of you a card to enjoy (and then you best get to CFA for your May dessert!)

Start commenting, and as always, thanks for reading (and be sure to thank CFA for this opportunity!)

Note: the opinions of all restaurants are those of the restaurant and not mine. This giveaway is sponsored by Chick-fil-A to promote their new desserts.