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3 Sisters Cafe

8 Sep

Another Groupon, I can’t believe it took me so long to dine at 3 Sisters Cafe.  The Groupon was sneaking up on expiration, so hubs and I made our way there for a Wednesday evening dinner.  I know that it has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and was popular for breakfast – but other than that, I wasn’t sure what to expect for dinner.

There was quite a wait when we got there.  I’m not sure if that is the norm for a Wednesday evening, but I am chalking it up the Groupon.  After all, many of the individuals waiting were just like us, holding a Groupon and reviewing the menu posted on the first floor of this older home.  Like many of my favorite restaurants, 3 Sisters is in a house, ready to serve in a variety of rooms from the open kitchen.  I loved the ambiance, very homey and local with art work on the walls.  It was very ‘Broad Ripple’, artistic and true to itself.

We ordered and the food was very quick out of the kitchen.  Hubs ordered d’nai, a meaty entree that was featured on DDD.  To say portion control at this establishment is an understatement – his sandwich was absolutely huge.  The tender and flavorful meat was piled high, so high you couldn’t see the french roll that made it a ‘sandwich’.  Though described as ham, this isn’t your average ham sandwich slices.  More like a slowly cooked, thinly sliced meat sandwich that was accompanied by braised kale and spicy pepper jack cheese.  I had one bite and was sold.  Though it was a huge portion, hubs liked it so much that ate much of what he was given (by much, I mean all, he was hungry!)

I was back and forth between breakfast and a dinner entree.  I ended up going with fish tacos – great choice.  I wasn’t anticipating the large fish filet, build your own style of meal, but I was happy to see it.  It was a white fish, pan fried so it was subtly crispy but fork tender.  I didn’t need the lettuce, tomatoes or red onions that came as toppings – the fish was so tender and succulent, absolutely delicious.  I loaded up the warm tortillas with fish, some of the green chili sauce and chili mayo.  Each were slightly spicy and worked great with the perfectly seasoned fish.  The guacamole was also great as it cooled down any spicy flavors that could be overwhelming to some individuals.  I barely ate any of the guac (though it was good), but I loved the spicy components that I was given with the fish and sides.

I was also served a salad, but I barely ate any of it because I was so impressed by the fish tacos.  I had some great dressing, 7 herb vinaigrette, which was bursting with flavor.  It tasted fresh and was extremely light, great with the greens and tomatoes – perfect for dipping.  Hubs ate a portion of it and agreed the dressing was top notch.

Finally, I had no intentions on dessert.  But I overheard our server mention a blueberry and goat cheese pie.  Since I absolutely adore goat cheese, I couldn’t pass it up.  We ordered it to go, but I took a peek (and bite) before we even left the restaurant.  The blueberries were subtly tart and the goat cheese, though subtle in taste, definitely gave it the expected creaminess component.  I loved every bite.  The crust was great too, slightly flaky and buttery all over.  Plus, a slight crunch from almonds on top – I’d go back for a piece of pie any day.

Our server was friendly and the prices were reasonable.  I can see why it would be featured on a television show, but as it isn’t really a dive, absolutely not a drive-in, I guess it would be characterized as a diner (though I still wouldn’t say that as it doesn’t fit what I expect out of a diner) though it is straight up a cafe.  The food, the ambiance, everything says cafe to me.  And I can’t wait to go back, this time, for breakfast.

3 Sisters Cafe * 6360 Guilford Ave. * Indy, 46220 * 317.257.5556

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