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Red Lion Grog House

19 Aug

Another Groupon to use, hubs picked me up from the airport after my recent business trip and we made our way to the Red Lion Grog House in the Fountain Square area. I have a few friends who play trivia during the week there, but I had never been.

After parking (watch out for the current construction) we made our way into the establishment to find ourselves as the only patrons. It was a Sunday at 2:30pm so maybe this is normal, I wouldn’t be surprised. It was what I expected – a dark bar/restaurant that had a not so bright feeling of an English pub. The kitchen looked pretty open and the server was quite friendly. I ordered a PBR on special while hubs sipped a Strongbow. We decided to start off with an appetizer of the classic Scotch Egg while I pondered what I wanted as my main.

The Scotch Egg seemed to be overdone. The egg was slightly dry, as was the sausage. Definitely had the spicy seasoned sausage flavor to it (especially with the mayo based spiced dipping sauce) that I expected, but overall, it was just plain overfried. I’m guessing this is not always the case, but I just wasn’t impressed with the starter.

Hubs ordered the classic fish and chips. He though the fish was ‘okay,’ though I thought the cod was good. It was flaky and tender. I didn’t try the breading though, so I can really only comment on the cod. I also enjoyed the tarter sauce, slightly tangy with pickle relish and creamy with the mayo base. Hubs really enjoyed the chips – hand cut fries that were fried perfectly for him. He definitely cleared his plate of the fries, but the fish left him wanting a little more.

I had decided to order the chicken picotta sandwich. It was marked as a specialty which is why I gave it a go. I was disappointed with it overall – the picotta sauce, which is a lemon-caper sauce, was entirely too creamy for my taste. The sharpness of capers were masked by the heavy flour taste of the sauce. The bun was too much so I took the chicken off the bun and ended up eating it with a fork and knife. But once again, the overwhelming taste of flour on my palate left me unsatisfied. But, like hubs, my side of tator tots left me content. They were your basic fried tator tots, but there is something about them that is always a guilty pleasure for me. Salty and full of that fried potato flavor, I almost cleared my plate of the tots.

For grabbing a drink and playing trivia, I could see the Grog House being a great location. For food, I’m still looking for a reason to want to order something else. The service was attentive and our food was quick when ordered. I think I’d give it another try if I was there for drinks and trivia, but I wouldn’t go out of my way.

Red Lion Grog House * 1043 Virginia Ave * Fountain Square, 46203 * 317.822.4764

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15 Jul

A dear friend of mine wanted to check out White Rabbit Cabaret for her birthday, so we found ourselves at Revolucion for drinks and Mexican fare prior to the show.  I’m always game for Mexican; love the creamy guacamole, the spicy peppers and crisp tortilla chips.  And nachos – let’s not even go there – my love is too extreme.  From authentic to fully Americanized, I just love the food.  Though the restaurant was new, I had several reasons to check it out.  1) Friend’s birthday; 2) I just won a gift certificate compliments of IndySpectator and 3) it was new and I was hearing good things.

I have to admit, the whole experience was full of surprises.  When we walked in at 8pm, I expected it to be busy.  Besides two other tables, we were the only people in the restaurant.  With a large group (10) , the birthday girl even arrived early to ensure we would be able to grab a table.  However, we had nothing to worry about.  The next surprise was how casual it was.  Let me rephrase, I wasn’t surprised it was a casual environment, but that it was a casual process.  The menus on the tables displayed limited items to order and you were instructed to order at the bar.   My surprise went to confusion, because we ended up having a server throughout the night.  I’m not complaining, I’m thinking it was because we had a large group and that no one was really there.   Then again, as the restaurant/bar became more busy throughout the night, I noticed others were being served too.

I mentioned the menu was limited, but once again, not a complaint.  I like when restaurants focus on a few things and make them really great, so I was anticipating something delicious.  I began by ordering a raspberry margarita to sip on while sharing some chips and guacamole with the group.  The margarita was okay – I couldn’t really taste tequila only the raspberry flavor.  This is good for some people, just depends on your taste preference.  Birthday girl ordered the chili margarita, which we were informed was also the most popular.  There was a hint of chili in the back of your throat, but I did really anticipate more out of this.  After all, the rim and floating pepper made me think it was going to be a fire, but it was subtle smokey.

Though I wasn’t overally impressed with the margaritas, they did pair well with the salty homemade tortilla chips.  They were thin, crisp and still warm out of the fryer.  These were extremely salty, maybe even on the edge of too salty, but still great.  The guacamole was creamy and light in cilantro flavor (I like mine to be heavy on the herb).  I would have liked it to be a bit more chunky and flavorful, but I seemed to be the only person at the table who thought this way.

Wanting to try something else before we brought on the tacos, we tried to order the sausage roll.  Described as being made with a puff pastry, I was intrigued because I don’t normally see puff pastry at a Mexican restaurant.  But I was informed they were out, so hubs and I settled on splitting the quesadilla instead.  Simple ingredients for sure, two corn tortillas created the base for the cheese quesadilla.  It seemed to be your basic queso blanco (perfect for melting) between two heavily seasoned tortilla that were sandwiched on a griddle.  The only spice factor was a mild sauce that was also encased between the tortillas.  It could have had more of a spice factor, but I really enjoyed plucking the cilantro stem and layering the salsa on top of it to give it more flavor.  Spicy, not at all, but still enjoyable (hubs really liked it.)

For our meals, the table ordered pretty much every taco on the menu.  We had opted for the fish tacos and the pork.  I nibbled on hubs pork and thought it had great flavor.  Once again, not spicy by any means with my palate, but really fantastic and simple.  It was tender and the double corn tortillas were necessary as they soaked up the juice.  It was served with red salsa and some raw white onion.  Hubs wanted more besides the onions, salsa and meat as he originally thought they’d be more than street taco style.  Overall, he also thought it was dry.  With my mouth full, I nodded as I could see why he would think that – the tortillas were really doing a great job at soaking up the flavor.  However, the meat really was tender and delicious in my opinion – great pulled pork.

My fish tacos were fantastic.  They had a great seasoning (I would even be inclined to say rub) to them and they were crisp on the outside, tender on the inside and flaking perfectly.  It was an abundant amount of tilapia – no skimping on these tacos – that was cooked well.  Sliced cabbage was served on top to add a little more crispness and really lighten the overall taco.   A fruit salsa, consisting mostly of mango, cilantro and red pepper was the perfect accompaniment.  Next time, I think I would ask for this with chips and salsa – it was extremely fresh in flavors and gave the perfect sweetness to the fish.  Each order consisted of two street style tacos – for me, the perfect amount for dinner (and yes, I acknowledge we had chips & guac plus splitting the quesadilla).

Overall thought, it is a great place to grab a drink and some street food tacos.  However, I don’t know if I would make the drive from my home to Fountain Square just for the restaurant.  I would need to be in the area to give it another go, but it was good solid food with great service.  Plus, there is a Tiki bar out back for those perfect sunny days when you want a margarita and sunshine.  If I lived in the area, I could see myself relaxing there during a week night or mingling with friends on the weekend.

Revolucion * 1132 Prospect Street * Indy, 46203 * 317.423.9490

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