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Park Street Pub & Pizzeria

9 Feb

When our schedules permit, I’m sometimes able to meet hubs for lunch during the work week. This usually means a drive up to Westfield, and also means we need to dine at a casual and slightly speedy restaurant. The last time around, I opted to dine at a bar that I always pass on my way to pick him up: Park Street Pub & Pizzeria.

We grabbed a table in the subtle smokey atmosphere, which was easy to do as there weren’t many people there on the Friday afternoon. It was what I expected of a local bar. Nothing fancy, expect for the few signed photos around the restaurant of local and national celebrities and athletes. Mostly, beer posters and things you would expect to see on the walls of a bar. A few patrons sat at the bar, we were the only at a table. The bartender was not only the bartender, but also our server and cook. And she accomplished all of this with a friendly smile and speedy service.

We ordered fried pickles as our starter, and then I the special of the day, a chicken sub. Hubs settled on philly cheese steak. The fried pickles were pretty quick. A little dark from being over fried, they were hot to the touch, and pipping hot with the interior. They were spears, not chips, which is something that I prefer. They weren’t anything special – a simple batter that didn’t have a lot of flavor. But really, I anticipated that in the atmosphere we were in. A simple ranch dressing was served on the side, which was fine by me.

Hubs said his sandwich was good, but I didn’t give it a try. He did comment that the bread was good – whether it was made in house or bought from someone (which we both assumed.) It was slightly crunch on the outside, Vienna style, and tender on the inside. Melted mozzarella cheese was broiled on one side, while the other was piled with the fillings. He ate it all and said it was good bar food.

My sandwich was lack luster. I was debating on getting fried chicken strips, which I should have gotten rather than the sandwich. Because that is exactly what my sandwich was – three fried chicken tenders with lettuce, tomato and pickles. It was, once again, standard bar food. But, the bread that hubs had, I also had and it was quite filling. I enjoyed it with the fried chicken – nothing exotic about it. But it was what I expected, so I can’t really complain. We also received a large basket of fries since our sandwiches both came with them – I’m sure it was easier for them to be served that way. Nothing fancy, straight edge fries from a fryer.

Pub food was exactly what I expected, and exactly what we got. Cheap eats, cheap drinks and friendly atmosphere and staff. It was good for what we wanted it to be. I’m sure it is a great local hangout for the people of Westfield to enjoy – sounds like they were having a band and other fun things planned for the community. A quick bite to eat, simple and nothing fancy. There were a lot of pizzas listed, so I’m wondering what they would be like…

Park Street Pub & Pizzeria * 515 West Park Street * Westfield, 46074

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