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Red Lion Grog House

19 Aug

Another Groupon to use, hubs picked me up from the airport after my recent business trip and we made our way to the Red Lion Grog House in the Fountain Square area. I have a few friends who play trivia during the week there, but I had never been.

After parking (watch out for the current construction) we made our way into the establishment to find ourselves as the only patrons. It was a Sunday at 2:30pm so maybe this is normal, I wouldn’t be surprised. It was what I expected – a dark bar/restaurant that had a not so bright feeling of an English pub. The kitchen looked pretty open and the server was quite friendly. I ordered a PBR on special while hubs sipped a Strongbow. We decided to start off with an appetizer of the classic Scotch Egg while I pondered what I wanted as my main.

The Scotch Egg seemed to be overdone. The egg was slightly dry, as was the sausage. Definitely had the spicy seasoned sausage flavor to it (especially with the mayo based spiced dipping sauce) that I expected, but overall, it was just plain overfried. I’m guessing this is not always the case, but I just wasn’t impressed with the starter.

Hubs ordered the classic fish and chips. He though the fish was ‘okay,’ though I thought the cod was good. It was flaky and tender. I didn’t try the breading though, so I can really only comment on the cod. I also enjoyed the tarter sauce, slightly tangy with pickle relish and creamy with the mayo base. Hubs really enjoyed the chips – hand cut fries that were fried perfectly for him. He definitely cleared his plate of the fries, but the fish left him wanting a little more.

I had decided to order the chicken picotta sandwich. It was marked as a specialty which is why I gave it a go. I was disappointed with it overall – the picotta sauce, which is a lemon-caper sauce, was entirely too creamy for my taste. The sharpness of capers were masked by the heavy flour taste of the sauce. The bun was too much so I took the chicken off the bun and ended up eating it with a fork and knife. But once again, the overwhelming taste of flour on my palate left me unsatisfied. But, like hubs, my side of tator tots left me content. They were your basic fried tator tots, but there is something about them that is always a guilty pleasure for me. Salty and full of that fried potato flavor, I almost cleared my plate of the tots.

For grabbing a drink and playing trivia, I could see the Grog House being a great location. For food, I’m still looking for a reason to want to order something else. The service was attentive and our food was quick when ordered. I think I’d give it another try if I was there for drinks and trivia, but I wouldn’t go out of my way.

Red Lion Grog House * 1043 Virginia Ave * Fountain Square, 46203 * 317.822.4764

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