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Devour Downtown (Special Event)

6 Jan

It’s back. Devour Downtown. The opportunity for the people of Indianapolis to sample downtown restaurants for $30. Sometimes, you can get lunch for 2 at $30 or even at the $20 mark. Offered twice a year, restaurants return while others jump on for the first time. This winter eating fest is January 9-22 and it looks like the longest list yet.

I have a confession. I made two reservations last year, but cancelled last minute. I don’t remember why, but I didn’t participate for the first time since moving here in 2004.

And this year? I’m hesitating. I have compared the regular menus with the Devour menus and honestly, some of them just don’t seem worth it to me. If I try a new restaurant, I may end up ordering off the menu because of an item I want to try. Or sometimes, I’m really only saving $6 to order off a limited menu. Is it really a deal?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Devour. I think it is a great program for the locals and restaurants alike. Restaurant week is popular all over the country. This is our version to sample and dine at restaurants you may not normally due to pricing, location, attire or anything else. For instance, many people may not have tried the Columbia Club due to membership. This is the perfect opportunity to see the beautiful building and eat in their dining room. Maybe Eagle’s Nest has been to pricey; $30 gets you a full meal.

My favorite deal? The Fogo deal. This is because it is the exact same menu, due to a buffet of food, for a cheaper price. You can’t really go wrong with a true deal. I’m also a fan that you can get the Kona steak at Capital Grille for lunch. Sure, a steak for lunch isn’t something I normally do, but it is great that they offer a fan favorite. Just like St. Elmo’s and the shrimp cocktail. If you have an item you are known for, I definitely think an offering or taste is in order for something like this. Patrons will return if they love it, even if there isn’t a deal on hand.

So, what am I doing. I’m pondering Fogo just because of the deal. Yes, I’ve eaten there before. I know exactly what to expect and I don’t foresee it being any different. I’m also looking at Chef Joseph’s. There isn’t much of a selection, but I’ve really been wanting to dine there since it opened so a downtown lunch may be in order. I’m pondering a few more but it looks like a lot of repeat visits and I’m craving a new experience. I haven’t really dined at many of the Italian restaurants, but I also haven’t really heard a reason to why I should. Anyone know something different?

How about you? What is everyone else thinking about Devour? Are you planning on participating, and if so, where will you dine?