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11 Feb
Working on the northwest side of Indy, there are many chain restaurants to dine at for lunch.  I’m a brown bagger, since I love to cook at home, but sometimes you need to get out and dine.  One of my favorites in Sawasdee for some Thai food.
Bestie and I headed our way there for a Friday lunch and as always, the place was busy.  But not too busy that we weren’t able to get a table immediately. We sat down and placed our orders, both with began with their spring roll and soup.  The spring roll is a standard spring roll, nothing too bold in flavors, not greasy, but nothing to rave about either.  The soup, Thom Yum, is the hot and sour soup.  The broth is heavy in pepper taste and also thick in fat flavor.  The spice was mild enough to eat, but with a slight kick to remind you that it is a hot soup.  Bits of green onions, tomatoes and cilantro lent minor flavor, as the broth was the main taste.
Bestie ordered the classic Padd Thai.  Served with a large serving of sprouts, her noodles were mild in spice, great in flavor.  Lack luster in color, the brightest element was the green onion chopped up with the chicken and stir fried noodles.  It was classic Padd Thai, and mild in spice.  I had ordered the Padd See Ewe, a thick noodle dish at medium plus one heat.  Anything beyond medium plus one at Sawasdee is too much heat for me, and this dish had the perfect amount that left my mouth with a slight fire but lots of great flavor.  A vegetable mixture of greens, broccoli and carrots were crisp and perfect with the thick dense noodles and thick chunks of chicken.  Easily could have been made into two portions, I must have been really craving Thai because I ate it all.
Lunch specials run cheaper than the dinners, but portions are still large for the under $10 fare.  Sawasdee is “decorated” in a hodge podge of items, so don’t base your overall opinion on the decor.  But when you want convenient spicy food, Sawasdee may be the place for you.
Sawasdee * 1222 West 86th Street * Indy, 46260 * 317.844.9451

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