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Northside Nights: Spring Edition (Special Event)

2 Mar

It is that time again – another restaurant week is approaching. Northside Nights, a version of Devour Downtown but on the North side, will be up and running March 8-18 for the Spring eating edition.

There are quite a variety of restaurants available; almost all are local or local chains. I’ve been to most, but for a few, it has been quite a while. I think I may have to try to the restaurants I’ve never been to, including some chains, like Ruth’s Chris. Yup, never been. Here are the others I may need to try:

  • Bella Vita
  • Hellas Cafe
  • Ruth’s Chris
  • LA Cafe
  • Michael’s Southshore

I’m most curious about Michael’s Southshore as I haven’t heard of them prior to this. From a quick look at their menu, I really wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up there. Though, I did discover this 2 for $57 deal which also included wine. This does leave the debate of ‘wine vs. dessert’, but another option to consider.

Another great thing about Northside Nights? Daily giveaways. Be sure to register to win gift certificates – and you can do so everyday!

Save the date for these other events this year too:

  • Devour Downtown: July 30-August 12
  • Chow Down Midtown: June 11 – 24
  • Northside Nights & Savor the Southside: September 11-23

Where are you looking to try, or where will you return to? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!, as well as how your experience was.

Taste of Carmel (Special Event)

22 Feb

I love food events. And there is one coming up in my neighborhood. I’ve been graciously given complimentary tickets to the Taste of Carmel, which will be at the The Ritz Charles on Thursday, March 1 from 6-9pm, and am looking forward to it.

A few restaurants/breweries who will be in attendance include:

I acknowledge I haven’t been huge fan of a few of these restaurants, so I’m actually a little excited to see what they come up with for this event knowing they’ll be bringing them their a-game. I’m most excited for Cooper’s Hawk and Sunny Chinese Kitchen since I haven’t tried them yet. In addition, also excited to see Happy Everything will be in attendance – they have a great chicken salad I’ve tried at the Farmer’s Market and I’m hoping it will be available. This small list is only the beginning of all the restaurants that will be available for tastes.

If you are available and want to grab bites from local restaurants and sips from the wineries and breweries available, tickets are extremely reasonable and all for a good cause. 100% of the proceeds go to the Orchard Park Elementary school as this event is set up by the Parent Teacher Organization. A mere $25 gets you drinks and tastes, acoustic guitar entertainment from Shane Rodimeland, and the opportunity to bid on some great packages including (a personal love of mine) Disney World tickets. Or, grab a group of your friends and reserve a table for 8 at a mere $175.

AND today and tomorrow only, there is a special discount just for you. A buy one, get one FREE offer!  Visit this link and use the code TASTE to purchase one ticket at $25 and receive one ticket at no cost. Remember, two days only! Two tickets for the price of one? You can’t beat that! Update: This offer has been extended to Friday, February 24 at midnight!

I haven’t been to the event before, but I’m looking forward to Thursday. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there as I’m tasting my way around the room.

Kendall College Riverworks Campus (Special Event)

15 Sep

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a special event at Kendall College in Chicago.  It was a great experience to see both the chefs and students of the culinary department come together to serve for the evening.  They also had a sommelier available to showcase some great wines and beverages.  I thought I’d share a few photos and thoughts in regards to the evening:


The first row of photos, from left to right, began with a cooking demonstration of our appetizers.  This was pork belly, nice and crisp, with a corn slaw and some fried pasta.  The fried pasta was definitely interesting – it was left over that they literally threw in some oil.  They tasted like chips – interesting for sure.  Next up was my favorite of the evening, a chilled tomato consomme.  This cold soup tasted like a caprese salad.  I loved the Parmesan panna cotta – great texture and creamy flavor.  The actual consomme was fantastic, bursting of fresh tomato flavor, tinted with basil.  Creative for sure, and delicious on the palate.

The other items weren’t anything too spectacular, but still wanted to share.  A grilled chicken breast with garden vegetable risotto.  The risotto wasn’t cooked properly, but what I did love about it was all the ingredients were from their own garden, right next to the parking lot.  It was quite an urban garden, something to be proud of for sure.  The desserts were a collection of cannolis and lemon or chocolate tarts.  Sweet treats, but nothing too extravagant.  There was this deluxe coffee set up though, complete with chocolate chips, cinnamon, whipped cream and other delights to top your coffee with.  That was probably enough dessert for me.

I always love to visit culinary institutes, or kitchens at hotels.  It is always great to see the behind the scenes and see what future individuals may bring to the plate.

Devour Downtown (Special Event)

8 Aug

Like many of the other Indy based food bloggers, I am excited for another round of Devour Downtown.  This event happens twice a year; once in the winter and once in the summer.  Devour is when a collection of restaurants feature a menu for $30 per person.  A few do offer a menu for two at the $30 price, while others offer a lunch menu.  This is a long standing event and others (like Midtown) have sprung up to match the concept.  It is a great event to participate in, especially if you are looking for something new without wanting to pay full dollar.

For some of these restaurants, it is quite a deal.  In the winter, hubs and I dined at Fogo de Chao.  I encourage people to try the restaurant, especially if you are a meat lover (though the salad bar is quite nicely).  It can be slightly pricey for dinner so you are saving at  least $10 a person with Devour’s pricing. But when Devour is happening, check it out for lunch.  Same thing that dinner offers, just at a better price.

Other restaurants I don’t really see a money saving opportunity or real value.

Plus, I was beginning to be frustrated that it is the same restaurants every year.  This time around, there are a few more added to the list.  However, I’m not taking advantage of them.  I know, I complain about it, but don’t take them up on the offer?  Well, some of the menus just don’t look that great to me.  I’m sure they are lovely, but I want to really be drawn by the food options or the restaurant.

This year, I’ve made two reservations.  The first is at Ambrosia Centro.  I’ve never been and the fact that I’ve been jonesing for Italian helped make that choice pretty easily.  The second is at Eagle’s Nest.  I’ve heard great things about the atmosphere and I thought this might be the perfect time to go without dropping too much money.

If you are participating, where are you dining, and why?  If you aren’t, what prevents you from joining in the dining?