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Tavern on South

26 Jan

I was downtown with a few friends for the Super Bowl volunteer pep rally; we were early and all hungry. Since I’m not around Lucas stadium very often, I’m not really aware of what is around the immediate area. The group I was with looked to me for a suggestion, and then I remembered from being down there earlier in the week to pick up my uniform, Tavern on South is right around the corner. I have tried to dine at Tavern a few times but can never get in due to private parties. This time around, we were able to get in without a wait.

Due to the event on hand, I anticipated to wait. Most of the tables were full, but we were fortunate to be immediately sat. Our server quickly followed and grabbed our drink order while we reviewed the menu. I had ordered the Triton Brewery’s gingerbread brown ale, only one of the several local breweries they have on draft. An impressive bar is available and takes up half of the restaurant on the first floor for anyone who is interested. Overall, it seemed like a modern, upscale sports bar with many tv’s to watch any game you are looking to catch.

I wasn’t starving, so I opted for a ‘sandwich’: the baked brie and chicken quesadilla. I really wished I was hungry because I had been wanting to try a few things since it was my first time there. The food was quick to the table, which was good for my hungry table mates. The wheat tortilla had a satisfying flavor, something that was a bit more than a regular, white tortilla. Melted brie was abundant, though the flavor was very subtle. I expected more out of the cheese and can’t figure out why the flavor wasn’t there. The chicken was strong in a rich, smoky taste. I learned that the smoked meats are done so in house, which I much appreciate. Overall, my favorite part of the dish was the ‘Indiana’ salsa. I have no idea why it was titled that, but the mix of tomatoes, red onions, corn and beans were a great combination for the smoky chicken. What could have been heavy with cheese was lightened up with the salsa.

I was surprised by the interior, expecting a more modern look and feel from the outdoor signage. But it wasn’t a bad surprise; it still had a subtle upscale feel with a laid back, casual atmosphere while producing a menu of promising items. I am interested in returning to try a few more, as my friends were raving over their dishes of shrimp enchiladas, bison burger and pork tenderloin sliders on pretzel rolls.

Who else has recently been here? What did you have, and what were your thoughts?

Tavern on South * 423 W. South Street * Downtown Indy, 46225 * 317.602.3115

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