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Yo Joy Frozen Yogurt

8 Mar

I’ve noticed that some of the sweet trends that overwhelm Indy catch on within a delayed time. For instance, the cupcake craze was wild on the coasts, but Indy took off a few years later. The same thing is happening with frozen yogurt. I’m okay with this because it just builds the desire to find some sweet treats in the city. I crave sweet treats like the next person, and I’m a big fan of frozen yogurt, so I’m happy the FroYo craze is here. I live by a few, and I’m happy that I now work by one too.

Yo Joy is a great third space area with free WiFi available, comfy seating, and a clean and clear atmosphere for your working (or playing) pleasure.I liked the lime green color paired with white – it was playful but not overwhelming where you wouldn’t be able to function in the space.

Not only do they serve quite a collection of frozen yogurt, but you also have a bar of toppings to choose from. Not sure what you want? Well, they even have a ‘menu’ that helps gets your creative mind in place to build your own masterpiece.

Another great tip – happy hour. I had discovered a while back that an alcoholic happy hour doesn’t exist in this state, but I’m happy to report that a frozen yogurt happy hour does. Yo Joy has 50% off between 1-3pm. The perfect time for a dessert or mid-day snack at work with your friendly co-workers. We will now reference our snack choice with a “want to go to happy hour?” and our boss will be perfectly fine with that at 2pm on a Monday.

Yo Joy Frozen Yogurt * 9873 N. Michigan Rd. * Carmel, 46032 * 317.405.8459