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Patrick’s Kitchen

24 Feb

For Valentine’s Day, hubs gave me the opportunity to select our restaurant for the evening. Instead, I came back with a counter offer of a few restaurants for him to choose from, none that we had dined at previously. We ended up at Patrick’s, located in Zionsville, for a pre fixed menu that they were offering.

It took us a minute to find Patrick’s, but only because it is located on the first floor of a bed and breakfast. The main restaurant is a bar and grill type of atmosphere. A quick look around showed a casual setting, but with dark wood  and nice appeal. It was busy and I crossed my fingers we wouldn’t sit at the empty table by the door. Fortunately, we were quickly seated due to our reservations and escorted to a back room. Clearly, this back room is not part of their normal set up. It was hastily put together with small, intimate tables – some clothed in red others bare. I’m assuming we came in right after a rush due to some silverware not being on the table, candles being blown out, etc. It wasn’t bad at all, just not fully reset for the next wave. I found out that a portion of the income goes to the Inn for a room ‘rental’ of some sorts since it doesn’t belong to the restaurant. Private meetings can be done in that room, just a FYI.

Our service was spotty – a little slow here and there. Once we did place our order, we waited a little bit for our first course to arrive. Hubs chose the trio of stuffed mushrooms while I selected the baked goat cheese. The mushrooms were not large, standard size with their own toppings. The crab was basic, something I would expect from a stuffed mushroom with little flavor. Same thing with the spinach and cheese combo. Basic. But the bacon/cream cheese stuffing was very good. I liked the smoky bacon flavor and creamy texture of the cheese – it was a very rich flavor combination similar to a stuffed baked potato without the starch. My baked goat cheese was delicious, though I would have liked it to be broiled just a tad bit longer to make the flavor more intense. The bread crumbs were filled with fresh herbs, really adding to the Capriole goat cheese. I wish the pita chips that were served with the cheese were something different. They were a little too thick for my liking, a little too salty. But overall – I enjoyed the first course. I also ordered the wine pairing for the dinner, so the buttery chardonnay was a perfect combination.

For the soup/salad course, I was saddened to hear the shrimp chowder was out. I ended up with a house salad instead, as hubs had already ordered the lemon artichoke soup I was looking at. His soup was interesting, in the best way possible. It was extremely light, which you would anticipate from a vegetable broth base, but the flavors were all over the place. It was bright with the citrus lemon flavor, a perfect accompaniment to the artichokes which were largely chopped, increasing the flavor component with each bite. A slight onion taste was great for the seasoning, and a little bit of cream brought a small layer of creaminess to the light soup. My salad was standard – mixed greens with dried cranberries, Gorgonzola cheese and almonds. Nothing fancy, but a standard salad with a lemony, garlic flavored vinaigrette. For you wine lovers, a Caposaldo pinot grigio was served with the course.

For our entree, hubs ordered the trio of filet. Overall, the presentation was a disappointment as the medallions were small and all meshed together with the sauces served. Bernaise, bacon with Gorgonzola butter, and brandy-peppercorn cream sauce were the reason behind the trio. Honestly, the medallions weren’t cut very well, so these three sauces weren’t portioned well. The butter wasn’t melting, the Bernaise was congealing because it was getting cold, and there was barely any brandy sauce. None were extraordinary in flavor either – nothing stood out with a taste of each. Hubs was disappointed in the serving, and didn’t comment too much on his potatoes or asparagus. On the other hand, I had ordered the herbed trout. It was a large red trout filet, baked in herbs. But the herbs were overwhelming, hiding the taste of the fish and making it heavy in an earthy flavor. The rice had no flavor, and I found myself trying to stir some of the herbs into the mix. I too had the the asparagus, which had a nice crisp after being cooked well. But, I was disappointed in the dish, and had wished I had ordered the chicken cordon bleu with a twist – prosciutto and Gruyere. Presentation was also lacking on both. The delayed wine pairing (I had to remind our server to bring it) was a pinot blanc from Valley of the Moon.

After a decent starter/salad and a disappointing main course, I was anxious to see how their homemade red velvet cake would be. I love red velvet cake and noticed this was a tad bit dry for my tastes. The cream cheese frosting was good, but I still wanted more from the dessert. Hubs ordered the other option, bananas foster. A much better option, the bananas were caramelized perfectly, warm in the caramel and run sauce that was melting the French vanilla ice cream. It was a larger portion too, so I was happy when hub shared a few bites with me. With his IPA (Bell’s Hopslam) finished, we both finished the evening with a  glass of sparkling wine with dessert as our server brought a complimentary glass for him as well.

We closed down the back room as the last couple of the evening. Live music was a nice touch during the dinner for the couples enjoying dinner. The room was full of couples over 50, but the restaurant outside of this room in the main room was younger crowd. I liked how it appealed to all ages, and would be interested in trying out Patrick’s for the main, casual and upbeat restaurant. The service, though slow and slightly forgetful at times, was still very friendly and personable. Even Patrick was visiting tables throughout the night before surprising his wife with a private meal in the back of the building (we saw this due to being the last couple in the back room). I love how personable they all were as well as the feeling of a family who accomplished a goal. Though the food was okay/standard, I would try it again. Value was good, having our fixed menu cost at $40, and 4 glasses of wine added on for a mere $15.

Anyone else dine here for a casual dinner or bar experience? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Patrick’s Kitchen * 175 S. Main Street * Zionsville, 46077 * 317.733.8755

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Noah Grant’s

14 Feb

Hubby and I decided to dine on Sunday for Valentine’s Day versus during the week.  He took charge of the reservations and surprised me with dinner at Noah Grant’s – a grill house and raw bar in downtown Zionsville.

Decorated in blues and browns, the restaurant is comfortable and inviting.  Subtly coast side in feel but extremely comfortable chic, we dined in the main dining room at a small table near the bar.  On Sunday’s, patrons have the opportunity to dine on half priced oysters and bottles of wine.  After ordering a bottle of La Posta Malbec, we sipped our way through the menu to preview all the options available.  The menu was quite impressive, ranging from pastas to seafood, meats to raw bar.   We ordered and munched on the fresh baked bread served with a garlicky pesto while we waited for our first course.

I knew I wanted oysters the minute we walked in the door and at half price, the Blue Point oysters were my selection.  The oysters were presented with a spicy tomato based sauce with sharp pepper seasoning.  In addition, a small cup of horseradish allowed you to customize the spice level of your oyster to your own taste.  The oysters were smooth and fresh, both of large portion.  And for under $3, I enjoyed them both to my taste.  Hubby ordered a Long Island roll, which I shared a few bites.  The thinnest cut of succulent salmon was wrapped around a thin layer of rice.  Inside were layers of flavor, including a rich cream cheese, flakes of fresh cilantro and crisp cucumber.  Jalapenos were also part of the roll, but I didn’t get any flavor of spice from them.  There was a subtle sweetness from the sweet chili sauce that was drizzled over the top.  The roll was only one out of the customized options – I would have easily tried more if we hadn’t ordered dinner.

After the appetizers, I also ordered a salad.  Noah’s house salad didn’t compare to our appetizers – I was disappointed to find mushy tomatoes adorning an over dressed salad that was sharp in red onion taste.  The basil vinaigrette was a disappointment as it tasted more of a balsamic vinaigrette.  Pecans were finely chopped and lost in the greens.  The only item true in flavor were the cranberries.  Even the blue cheese wasn’t pungent.  But I wasn’t discouraged from the disappointing course – it is an raw bar, not a salad bar – and looked forward to our main dish.

Hubby ordered the special, halibut cheeks.  The tender pieces of fish were delicate in flavor and texture, flaking like a piece of crab.  They were thin and distinct in a rich flavor that wasn’t over powered by anything on the plate.  The fish shined leaving you wanting more.  I was happy that he was even willing to share – they were fantastic and lightly dressed with clarified butter and served over a citrus salad.  I had ordered the sesame seared tuna and was surprised to see the large portion I received.  Seared perfectly, the raw tuna was smooth and clean in flavor.  The grade of fish had to be superb – the ‘crust’ of the tuna was slight in sear and thick in sesame seed taste.  The wasabi cream was spicy and a perfect accompaniment to the tuna.  The rice was sticky to perfection on the side.

We hesitated to order a dessert, but decided on the butter cake souffle.  This may have been one of the best decisions of the evening.  A slight lemony taste, the cake was served warm and garnished with whipped cream and strawberries.  The cake itself was tender and baked to perfection without being dense, just light.  I don’t know if I would have qualified it as a layered souffle, but the butter cake was something I would order again (and again..)

The meal was fantastic (sans the salad) and I would absolutely recommend an evening at the restaurant.  They have a happy hour that I would be interested in trying.  I would return just to keep eating the sushi and raw bar options – it was divine and is truly a hidden gem in the downtown area of Zionsville.   Lastly, the halibut cheeks shouldn’t be a special – it should definitely be made a permanent menu option as it is now hubby’s favorite food.

Noah Grant’s * 65 South First Street * Zionsville, 46077 * 317.732.2233

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