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Wolfies Grill

30 Mar

Two friends had made their way to Wolfies and as they dined, they texted and said “it reminds me of your homeland!” So when hubs and I were out running errands, we decided to get to give it a try and see if it had some Wisconsin love in both atmosphere and food. We had noticed it another time when doing a few errands in the area, but it wasn’t open at that point. Tucked back in the shopping area of 116th Street and Keystone, you may need to weave a bit through the streets to give it a try.It looked liked a Northwoods type of atmosphere from outside – so far, it fit the description.

When we made our way inside, we entered into the main dining room area. Set with many tables, including low and high bar tables and televisions all over with a long bar on one end, it was cozy and comfortable. Dark, wood interior and forest green in color, the rich color palate made it even more comfortable with the woodsy feel of a lake house or log cabin. There was also a side room with a fireplace and a lot of comfortable seating. A great place to sit and relax after a long day.

We were immediately sat as the restaurant was not busy at all. I was glad to see the service was quick and attentive because of this. Our server greeted us with a smile and reviewed the menu as we expressed it was our first time. We ordered a drink and a few items to sink our teeth into. I was jonesing for nachos – it is my weakness – so I knew we were going to order them if they were on the menu. And yes, they have nachos, but not any type of nachos. Buffalo chicken nachos. Even as I write this, I’m still not quite sure how I feel about them. I was really excited, but I wasn’t blown away. The chips were covered with buffalo sauce and chunks of chicken. Though there could have been more chicken, there was plenty of lettuce and tomatoes, all of good standard, and this ranch sauce drizzled over the top. I’m a bleu cheese girl when it comes to my buffalo, so maybe to have that melted in with the cheddar would have gotten me to love these. Some chips were crispy, others not so much as they soaked in the buffalo. I’m still indifferent on these, but I’d probably order them again to give it another go as I l0ve the concept.

When hubs see pretzel, he’s sold. He quickly decided that a few more appetizers would round out his meal as the pretzel breadsticks were calling his name something fierce. They were doughy, soft and tender on the inside, but subtly had that crisp pull on the exterior. They had a great flavor too, and with the queso,  it was a match made in heaven. I couldn’t help but dip them in a little ranch too (yes, I stole one despite hubs hungry eyes) and enjoyed every bite. The wings he ordered, hot in flavor, were absolutely delicious. The hotness factor could have been amped up as they weren’t really spicy, but the crispy fried chicken crunched as your teeth sunk into the tender meat. I love wings when you can really taste the chicken and the sauce just gives it a little boost. I would definitely order the wings again, though with bleu cheese dressing rather than the ranch served with it.

I ordered the bacon blue chicken sandwich. Crispy bacon, lots of pungent bleu cheese and a good cut of chicken, it was a large sandwich. From all of the appetizers, I really only took two bites and saved it for dinner that night (it heated well – sans veggie and bun of course). The chicken was grilled, leaving a little too many charred bites. But the chicken itself was extremely tender and  I liked the classic combination of bleu cheese and bacon. A Caesar dressing mayo was applied generously to the hearty bun and added a nice flair to the sandwich that I wasn’t anticipating. And with that said, ignore the menu description of the mayo as it is a misprint. As for my side, our server recommended the mac and cheese, so I took her up on it. I was happy to see it was baked with a crisp topping but still creamy, cheesy and decadent. Nothing outside of a box, it was clearly homemade and seasoned correctly (sometimes mac can be too salty, just my opinion, due to the overload of cheese). It was a nice substitute for the regular fries. It was quite a large side though, which is another reason I didn’t eat the sandwich.

We clearly ate too much, despite not finishing anything on the table. But the food was good, the atmosphere homey and comfortable, and the service friendly. As mentioned, there wasn’t a lot of people in the restaurant, so staff were chatting more openly than I think they would with one another on a regular day, though this didn’t bother me. The televisions were great around the restaurant – lots to see from many angles – and there is plenty of room in the restaurant. On a busy night, it could potentially get really loud though. Pricing was reasonable and average as our final bill came to $43 before tax and tip. This also included a soda and 16oz Alpha King beer.

There are locations in Fishers and Noblesville too. I would assume the environment and food is similar, but can’t be certain on that. They clearly took the same menus as the Carmel menu says “Coming soon to Carmel”, so those could probably be updated. But I enjoyed our luncheon and would head back for a casual evening. Who else has been? What are your thoughts?

Wolfies Grill * 1162 Keystone Way * Carmel, 46032 * 317.844.9070

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Asian Grill

18 Feb

Groupon had an offer for Asian Grill a while back and hubs and I realized we had to use it up before it expired.  On a Saturday afternoon, we made our way to a matinee and then to the Asian Grill in downtown Noblesville for some nosh.  We arrived around 7:00 and found parking on Main Street.

We were both surprised with how busy it was upon our arrival.  There is a small waiting area which was slightly uncomfortable for the 8 people (including us) who were waiting for a table.  In addition, people were coming and going for carry out – one person even mentioned to us that it isn’t usually that busy.  We didn’t have to wait long, maybe 10 minutes, and before we knew it we were seated at a center table in the quaint dining room.  Families, dates and friends were all dining so I knew there was going to be an assortment of items to select from the menu as we began our look.

We began our meal with two beers (Tsing Tao Chinese Beer and Singha Thai Beer) and some steamed dumplings.  For just under $5, we were presented with six dumplings.  The wonton wrapper was very thin but durable for the pork filling.  Perfectly seasoned, the pork was simply mixed with finely diced cabbage and green onion.  The flavor was very minimalistic, but the dipping sauce changed everything.  Cilantro was mixed in with the salty soy base giving the dumplings an amazing fresh characteristic.  They were good, but I did see many tables ordering summer rolls, so I think I would need to get them next time.

Our entrees took quite a while to receive as I believe there was some confusion in the kitchen.  When we did receive them, the portions were quite large.  Hubs ordered the hot chili chicken – a mixture of crispy fried chicken with a hot & sweet sauce.  The sauce was more sweet to me than hot despite the dried chilis, but there were also jalapenos in the dish to kick up the spice.  I enjoyed the crunch of the cashews as well.  There was a lot of food, and at a price of $12.75, you easily could have gotten (which we did) two meals out of the dish.

I ordered the Shrimp Mu Shu Wraps, priced right around $15.  I received very thin wrappers (maybe rice paper?) to make rolls out of with the filling.  Each shrimp was split into two to give more bite size pieces (and I assume to appear as more) and mixed with cabbage, bamboo, scallions, red peppers and carrots.  It was a very light dish (if you avoided the rich sauce it was served with – seemed like a thick, reduced soy sauce).  I enjoyed the vegetables, they were still crisp but definitely cooked.  I don’t know if I really need the shrimp because they didn’t add a whole lot of flavor – I found myself concentrating on the cilantro and vegetables.  If you don’t mind making your own wraps (which I don’t), it was really great in flavor and allowed you to adjust the taste as much as you wanted with ingredient and sauce control.  The flavors all worked great together and it made for some amazing leftovers the next day.  Both dishes were served with three different types of rice as well: plain, fried and tropical.  Sadly, the fried rice seemed more like brown rice to me and tasted just like the white steamed rice.  The tropical had a bit more flavor, mainly curry, but still needed something more.  I would hope if you ordered a dish of the rice it would have more flavor, and I would have opted for only the tropical rather than receive samplings of all three.

For about $30, we both had a great meal and leftovers for lunch the next day.  Asian Grill is in a great location (for northsiders) in downtown Noblesville – I could see stopping there for a lunch after some shopping on the weekend.  I would definitely make the trek north for the food again, especially as so many people dining there were return customers or picking up carryout.

Asian Grill * 74 N. 9th Street * Noblesville, 46060 * 317.773.9990

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