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Tastings: A Wine Experience (Restaurant News)

22 May

I’m back.  This past week, I was spending time in Orlando and eating my way through Walt Disney World.  It is always hard to come back after a vacation, especially when you are eating some great food (I’ll be posting a few posts here and there about my eating adventures soon.) One of the good things about returning home is that you are not only returning to your own bed, but also to the restaurants and chefs that you know and love in your own city.

With that being said, an update on one of my favorite Indy Executive Chefs, Steven Unrue.  Unrue and Tastings: A Wine Experience, located in the Conrad downtown, are going separate ways.  Though no information is being released to why, I know I will surely miss Unrue’s innovative plates on Wednesday evenings.  With hubs and friends, I spent many Wednesday nights at Tastings, enjoying the culinary delights Unrue prepared to match the wine offered for the evening.  Much of my focus was on the food, enjoying bites while Unrue’s passion was shown through his description and explanation of the plates.

Like the basil crusted duck or the veal ragoutStuff doughnut bread pudding or the wonderful Thanksgiving piefecta.  Unrue always prepared delicious meals that had many of the patrons eating out of their comfort zone and enjoying every minute of it.  As for the foodies, we were getting comfort food with a gourmet twist leaving us wanting more, raving to friends and family as our reservation numbers grew each week.

One Gastro Gnome said it perfectly.  I had actually canceled my reservation earlier in the day before I heard the news of the departure on hand.  But I have to say, I’m glad I did.  I would have been beyond disappointed with a few menu offerings and cheese samplings.  And trust me, this Wisconsin girl likes her cheese.

Knowing that Unrue is no longer serving up the Wednesday evening dishes, I doubt we will be return if the establishment continues to serve small menu offerings rather than creative dishes.  Yes, the experience of tasting wine throughout the room is unique in Indy (and I do love potato chips covered in bleu cheese), but the wine bar turned into a weekly foodie experience for me – it won’t be the same.  I  may stop in for a sip here and there, but I won’t be making the trek from Carmel on a Wednesday night in the near future.

Unrue will end up somewhere spectacular (if I had the money to open a restaurant or needed a chef, I’d put my money on him.  If anyone is looking for one brilliant chef, Steven is your guy!), I’m looking forward to seeing where I and the public can enjoy his food in the future.  Best of luck to both Steven and Tastings as they part company.

Welcome to City Nom Noms!

26 Jan

Stuffed Breadsticks 3WiseMen, Broad Ripple)

What is City Nom Noms?  It is my love of food shared with all of you.  After receiving questions of “what did you like here” or “have you eaten here yet,” I decided to explore more and more throughout this city.  I chalk this up to my love of food – people know that I love to cook it, grow it, and most of all, eat it.

I appreciate the creativity in the art while loving that this necessity of life can be so much more than that.  Food is something that can connect us all – what is there not to love when you have a plate full of nom noms?

In short, my other blog, Entertaining Life Daily, was becoming complicated.  I needed to get clearer direction, so I’m shifting restaurant reviews to this new blog.  I’ll concentrate only on the restaurant industry and leave my “in the kitchen” moments to the other blog.  Here are just a few of my past reviews to get you started:

Pad See Ewe (Sawasdee, Indy)

As I write, I’d also like to note that these opinions are all my own.  We can agree or agree to disagree.  I think it is obvious that taste buds differ by individuals – I appreciate that.  I hope my readers will too.

Soft Shell Crab Po'Boy (The Bar at the Ambassador, Indy)

City Nom Noms, though focused on Indianapolis, will also venture to other cities.  Don’t be surprised when you see Green Bay, Boston or Seattle pop up – just to name a few.

This is it.  Well, it is a work in progress at this point, but reviews of my noshing through the city will be posted soon! I hope you will enjoy my adventure, and I look forward to making new friends (hopefully not too many enemies) through the dining experience.

Happy noshing!